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“Run To The Cross” by Cameron Joseph

Cameron Joseph is a Christian artist hailing from Houston, Texas with a passion for music that stems from his many life experiences. As a young man in a military family, he lived in 13 different places from Alaska to Florida, which gave him a unique perspective on life that he has been writing into song since he was a teenager. His time in the Air Force, where he served for 8 years, taught him the values of service, sacrifice, and commitment which he brings to his music.


Joseph’s new single “Run To The Cross” is a soft-rock, Christian anthem that draws listeners in with its powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. With a style reminiscent of Matt Thiessen and a sound that is both contemporary and classic, Joseph is making a name for himself in the world of Christian rock. As an Air Force veteran who served his country for eight years, Joseph brings a unique perspective to his music. His time in the military taught him the importance of service, sacrifice, and commitment, and these values are reflected in his music. “Run To The Cross” is a prime example of this, with its powerful message of hope, redemption, and faith.

The single opens with a soft piano melody and strings that quickly escalates into something deeply cinematic and epic, with Joseph’s deep, powerful vocals soaring above it all. His lyrics are authentic and heartfelt, drawing from his own experiences as a soldier, a musician, and a man of faith. “Run To The Cross” is a song about finding strength in the face of adversity, and Joseph’s powerful delivery brings this message home with clarity and conviction.

In terms of musical style, “Run To The Cross” draws comparisons to soft Christian rock groups like Switchfoot and Jars of Clay, with its melodic guitar riffs and soaring choruses. However, Joseph’s vocals are what truly set him apart, with his deep, rich voice conveying a sense of emotional honesty and depth that is hard to come by in today’s music scene.

Despite its Christian themes, “Run To The Cross” is a song that transcends religious boundaries, with its universal message of hope and redemption resonating with listeners of all backgrounds. Joseph’s commitment to his faith is evident in his lyrics, but he never comes across as preachy or judgmental. Instead, he offers a message of love and acceptance that is sorely needed in today’s world. In terms of production value, “Run To The Cross” is a polished and professional recording that showcases Joseph’s talent as both a singer and a songwriter. The composition work is particularly impressive, with its intricate layers and balanced instrumentals and vocals adding depth and complexity to the song’s overall sound.


Overall, “Run To The Cross” is a powerful and moving single that showcases Cameron Joseph’s talent as a musician, songwriter, and man of faith. With its catchy hooks, soaring choruses, and heartfelt lyrics, this song is sure to appeal to fans of Christian rock and beyond. Whether you’re a believer or not, there is something undeniably compelling about Joseph’s music, and “Run To The Cross” is no exception.

Mindy McCall



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