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Shelby Lore – Getaway Car

Shelby Lore is a band that stands out from the standard country fare. Hailing from Kentucky with a chip on their shoulder and a knack for good melodies, they’ve been working hard to make things happen. After a decade of playing, they’ve built a fascinatingly solid body of work over their long, storied career. With his new single, “Getaway Car,” they’re looking to add to that list.

Like much of their music backlog, “Getaway Car” is another great addition to their country line-up. While it changes things in some ways, it also keeps things familiar and grounded. Shelby Lore’s signature style is still kept intact here, so if you’re a big fan of softer country and American-style music, you’ll be right at home with this single.

There’s also a certain sense of ambition behind this single, which Shelby Lore can apply to practically everything the band makes. “Getaway Car” relishes feelings of nostalgia, one of the strong points of Shelby Lore and country music in general. You can also tell that there’s a fair amount of passion behind the single, bringing the band’s energy to the surface in the best way.

Good songwriting is essential to a good country song, and thankfully Shelby Lore doesn’t disappoint in this regard. While most of the writing is kept simple, it evokes warm feelings that contribute to the grounded, homely feel of the genre in general. Shelby Lore has had many years to hone their style in this regard, and it’s put on clear display with this single. 

The production here is also good, with just the suitable polish to keep the song sounding honest and clean. While it’s mostly kept simple, we’re big fans of the idea that less is more; in this case, it especially applies. As the song smoothly sails, we’re greeted by a clean, pleasant sound that’s easy on the ears and still surprisingly fun. 

Overall, “Getaway Car” is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned slice of country music goodness. It features just enough new ideas to make for a fresh experience while still being a comfortable listen for country and Americana fans. Shelby Lore continues their streak of excellent releases, and we’re eager to see where they take things in the future.

“Getaway Car” is set to be released on March 17th and will be available on all major music platforms. 

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