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IndiePulse Interview with The Real J Israel: His Music, His Message and a review of his latest Track “Forever Man”

For those not familiar with the artist The Real J Israel, he spent most of his early life in and around music. From singing in gospel choirs and beyond, this taught him the power of music, and how to inject soul and passion into his voice.

Since his humble beginnings, The Real J Israel has found great success in being himself and in performing with true grace and elegance. In the last few years, The Real J Israel has embraced a completely new sound, switching from traditional gospel music to a more personal, intimate brand of R&B for the purpose of better expressing himself as an artist.

In this exclusive interview, we will get to share with you his own words on who he is musically and what he bring to the world of music with love and humble presence.

The Interview:

IPM: What were some of your fondest memories of your musical beginnings?

TRJI: Wow I would say sneaking and listening to R&B music on the radio whenever my parents left the house, don’t laugh at me, I was a preacher’s kid and anything other than gospel was forbidden

IPM: What drives you Musically?

TRJI: The passion for music I love music and the way it allows me to connect with others

IPM: Listening to your music, you have a strong R&B sound, from an artist with a strong “voice” in music, do you feel that this is your time to be recognized for the joy you give to your listeners?

TRJI: Thanks a bunch!! And absolutely!! I love bringing joy to others through music. Music is powerful

IPM: In your opinion, does today’s music have / or lack “soul”

TRJI: It just depends on the music some music isn’t meant to be soulful however I like giving people music that they can feel

IPM: Your lyrics in the latest track Forever Man, are very introspective and also relate to a love that is strong and never-ending, at a time when the world seems so fragmented, you relate to what’s important, what would you say is your strength, your foundation in your musical life?

TRJI: Music is life for me and I get to do life with my girl aka wife whom I met at the age of ten so love would be my foundation I really love life

IPM: In your bio, you mention very humble beginnings in the church, do you still sing in gospel choirs, and if so, would you consider doing some gospel tracks?

TRJI: I was an indie gospel artist for several years so to answer your question no! The music I do now allows me to speak to people regardless of religious beliefs and I love it.

IPM: What are some of your goals musically, is an album in the works?

TRJI: I released 3 albums last year “For the Sake of R&B “Glass Half Full” and “I Love the Vibes” so this year I plan to release a lot of singles starting March 25th I’ll be releasing a single every 2 weeks originals and covers

 IPM: Thinking forward, many years from now, what would you hope will be your musical legacy?

TRJI: I just liked to be known as an artist that truly was unboxed and no matter the genre I did it well

IPM: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and potential new fans

TRJI: Believe in yourself and never give up on yourself because anything is possible, if you’re willing to work, learn and grow

The Review

“Forever Man” by The Real J Israel is a soulful and beautifully performed original track, a song of love and admiration, a love that is true, pure and un-possessive, but all so very real. The Real J Israel bears his soul, this track is only one of many fantastic pieces by this artist, but it is his latest and definitely his greatest. I look forward to more great music from The Real J Israel!

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