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See Your Shadow Shines on Latest “Whatever on the Rocks”

Sometimes, it’s difficult to really process life and all the events that come with it. The feeling can be overwhelming for many people, and when it all lands all at once, it can lead to be people searching for a temporary out, just for a while. Many turn to alcohol and drink, and that’s exactly the story that See Your Shadow are presenting with their latest single, the appropriately titled “Whatever on the Rocks.”

Musically, the song is quite pleasant, giving off that strong Country and Americana vibe that See Your Shadow Songwriting do so well. It’s backed by some strong musical chops, as the instrumental performances on this song are great. While they don’t reinvent the wheel, they’re grounded and comfy, which matches the mood the song is trying to convey. Where the song truly shines however is in its writing.

“Whatever on the Rocks” avoids many of the common songwriting pitfalls surrounding this topic by making the song deeply personal and upsetting. It’s not necessarily a statement on alcoholism, but instead, it conveys how one can be swayed to drink deeply to avoid the pain of dealing with problems you can’t control. While it isn’t at all a pleasant situation, it’s one we’re sure many can attest or even relate to. The song doesn’t really make a statement on the issue either, which we feel is a smart choice. This isn’t a song about drinking, it’s a song about facing the difficulties of life with a drink in hand. This strong idea builds the emotional backbone of the song, and it works phenomenally well. These ideas run incredibly deep for such a simple song, though the imagery used to convey it is some shockingly powerful stuff.

All this really ends up being huge props to the songwriter, because the lyrics on “Whatever on the Rocks” are what make the song truly shine. They capture that feeling of being trapped with nowhere to go but a glass of drink in a bar perfectly. For many, it’s not the idea of drinking itself that’s appealing, but the opportunity to, even if for a brief moment, escape from life’s troubles, and the song understands this perfectly.

“Whatever on the Rocks” is a great single for See Your Shadow, another strong addition to their already solid catalog of music. It’s always a great time with these guys, and we’re eager to see more from them in the future. In the mean time however, definitely give “Whatever on the Rocks” a look, it’s a real treat even if you aren’t a big fan of Country music.

–Jason Airy



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