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“Omen” by Fox Apts.

Fox Apts.’ debut album Omen is an impressive work of indie rock, featuring a unique sound that blends elements of roots, folk, and rock. The album consists of twelve tracks that are all distinct and yet work together to create a cohesive whole. The band’s ability to tell stories through their music is what sets them apart, and each track on Omen is like a chapter in a book.

“Stars of the 10-32,” the opening track on the album, sets the tone for what’s to come. It’s a haunting track that tells the story of two boys who drowned in the narrators’ past and are still attached to memories after so much time. The song is a beautiful blend of acoustic and electric guitars, with a driving rhythm section that gives the track a sense of urgency.

“Monday Murders” is another standout track on the album, with its elaborate composition and instrumentation. The lyrics are about the desperate and sometimes destructive acts of others, which have become all too common in daily life in America. The song is a powerful commentary on the state of our society, and the band’s ability to convey that message through their music is impressive.

“Come and See” is a haunting track that tells the story of war from the perspective of a darkly paternal figure. The lyrics are poignant and powerful, and the band’s use of their instruments to convey the haunted battlefields is masterful. “Noon Moon” is a beautiful track that tells the story of a young queer man who receives voice messages from the sister who antagonized him. The simplicity and fragility of the piano tracks on this song are perfect, conveying the emotions of the lyrics without becoming too earnest or sentimental.

“Goliath Lumber Co.” is a powerful commentary on the short-sightedness of many towns throughout American history, which have traded long-term environmental compromise for quick economic growth. The song is another example of the band’s ability to tell stories through their music, and their willingness to experiment with structure. “State Street, 3rd Floor” is an instrumental track that serves as a respite between “Roaring Spring” and “Founders’ Blues.”

A favorite track, “Founders’ Blues,” is the band’s take on the murder ballad, and it’s a haunting track that speaks to the folk and roots traditions of America. The song was written for the 2022 film Bones and All, but ultimately did not make the final cut. The band’s ability to tell a story through their music is once again on full display here, with the lyrics painting a vivid picture of a cannibal killing and… y’know… enjoying his way along the highways of America.

Fox Apts. keen ability to tell stories through their music is what sets them apart, and the album is full of powerful tracks that will stay with you long after the music stops. The blend of roots, folk, and rock elements is unique and refreshing, and the band’s willingness to experiment with structure and instrumentation is impressive. Omen is an album you won’t want to miss.

Mindy McCall



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