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Shawn Sosa is simply defined in one word: hip-hop! Whether it be for the streets, clubs, nightlife, or people, his rich sounds and captivating lyrics attract audiences everywhere! Born and raised in the Bay Area, this talented artist has the music industry in awe! As a producer, his talent extends beyond hip-hop. “It’s something new every time you hear his music, whether his hooks or his style or the music, we love him!” one girl says after one of his shows.

Aside from hip-hop Shawn Sosa also works on pop and r&b; he has also dabbled in other genres of music, from modern rock to EDM. Shawn Sosa started as a freestyle battle emcee and now is also a master audio engineer, producer, song writer, and an astounding artist. After turning in the mic for a studio and soundboard at one point in his career, Shawn is now back in the mix of it all! Anticipating his return this year, he has a catalog of music ready to release.

Shawn is also a businessman as the owner of his collective “The Real Ones” and CFO of “GS Productions” When not focusing on his artistry, he is focused on growing both businesses and working with top clients. “GS Productions” is his part-owned production company based out of Burbank, California, where the sole purpose is audio and visual engineering. Working with some prominent companies in the film and music industries. Working to make everything “Dolby Atmos,” Shawn continues to raise the bar and make it a standard in todays sound. GS Productions is a competitive in-house production company and the next generation in the industry.

Shawn keeps growing behind the scenes as much as he has in front. Landing himself a few local sponsorship brand deals through social media with apparel companies like “Rose Love Co.” and “All Aspects Inc.”. The Los Angeles area all the way to the Bay Area is noticing this returning star in the making, and everyone’s talking and asking,”Who is this guy?” or “Where has he been?” Listen now and see what the talks are all about and why people are calling Shawn Sosa the next major artist out of Northern California!



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