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Rising Alt.Pop Duo Migrant Motel Shows Promise With New Song “Party”

Migrant Motel is steadily climbing the ranks of indie acts and making a strong claim for national prominence. Vocalist David Stewart Jr. and drummer Chava Ilizaliturri’s new single “Party” has the potential to elevate their stature. The single subverts the typical anthemic party song in favor of a far more sensitive and meaningful approach. The “speaker” isn’t eager to hang out, drink, and make merry. Instead, he decides not to go to a party because he fears he will see the girl he has a crush on with someone new and his lingering heartache will be too much to bear. It’s a worthy subject for a song and a different take on the typical party anthem.


The promo footage for “Party” does a good job representing the song’s subject with an circling camera shot that takes in an evening with the 2 band members spend at evening at home just hanging out.. Filmed by the capable Victor Inglés, the cinematography is excellent and deserves high praise. The shots keep the viewers interest without the overuse of erratic angles or overdone special effects.

The recording is crisp and clean and the musicianship is tight throughout the track. Stewart’s mournful and emotive voice blends well with Chava’s steady beat continuing to move the song forward and keeping it from becoming an overwrought dirge about lost or unrequited love. Stewart ratchets up the intensity in the chorus without overshadowing anything and the audible emotional strain in his voice is appropriate (even a little theatrical) which truly works – given the song’s subject matter.

Ilizaliturri’s drumming is straight ahead and crucial to the final results. His forceful playing provides a necessary dramatic balance for the song countering Stewart’s vocal style through the verses and skillfully turns into the song’s chorus. The punctuating power it gives the song is the crowning touch on a song that is an instant earworm. I think it would be cool to hear “Party” with just David playing an acoustic guitar and Chava on a beat-box as an alternate take on the song.


Migrant Motel’s “Party” is different from most of what’s going on in Alt.Pop right now. If Migrant Motel continues writing and recording such high quality material, the sky is the proverbial limit for this band. It’s well worth our time to keep following them and see where they go from here. 

Mindy McCall



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