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5 Little Known Facts About Each BTS Members

Every BTS member have unique traits and personas. Since they are the biggest boy band in the word, I guess you probably know a lot about them. With a massive fan base with over a dozen of hit songs, you could probably hear their songs anywhere in public. They stand out from other groups and besides, who does not know BTS?

We want to give you more and more information about BTS. So here are little known facts about each member of your favorite boy group.

Kim Nam-joon (RM)

1. Back then when RM was just a child, he had an obsession with everything related to music such as writing lyrics and composing a song. Because of that, her mother smashed his computer because she wanted him to focus on studying well instead.

2. According to the other members, when in comes to being romantic, RM ranks at first place. Now you know who you would pick when it comes for a date.

3. RM is the leader of BTS not only because he is the only one fluent in speaking English. But also because he is the very first person who joined BTS and did not quit like the others.

4. Nam-joon is said to be a light sleeper. It is a person who could wake up easily and frequently at the same time, they do not enter deeper levels of sleep such as REM.

5. RM has a younger sister who is the same age as Jungkook. When he was asked if he would introduce Jungkook to her sister, he said no without hesitations.

Kim Seok-jin (Jin)

1. Jin was sort of an introvert. He was really quiet and shy when he was a kid and always eat alone at school.

2. One time, Jungkook asked Jin if he could drink alcohol but he replied no. He said that even if he is officially an adult, he is still the maknae of the group so drink milk instead.

3. Kim Seok-jin became an idol to make his mom proud because he often hear his mother talk with her friends about their child’s achievement.

4. He once used a BTS Lightstick as a tool for fishing and it even worked. And we therefore conclude that even fishes stan BTS.

5. His family is pretty rich since Jin mentioned that his father has his own company in Germany.

Min Yoon-gi (Suga)

1. The first time he studied classical music, he wrote at least one song everyday.

2. Suga wrote BTS hit songs “Jump” and “Tomorrow” in a span of 30 Minutes!

3. BTS members used to call Suga “Min Snail” because he was really slow at anything he does, well except for rapping of course.

4. He never believed in Santa Claus because when he was a child, he caught his father secretly putting presents in his room on Christmas Day.

5. Suga revealed that he likes Jimin (not the romantic type) but he thinks that Jimin does not like him.

Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope)

1. He is a believer as he always read the bible before he goes to sleep everyday.

2. J-Hope can be easily caught lying since his ears would turn red every time he lies.

3. He dedicated his solo song “Daydream” for his mother because he does not want her to be disappointed. That is why he worked hard on it and as we can see it turned out great.

4. Before BTS debuted, he also considered the stage name “Smile-Hoya” before the name “J-Hope”.

5. J-Hope almost never became a BTS member. He almost left the band but RM pleaded for him to stay and he did.

Park Jimin (Jimin)

1. When it comes to live performances, Jimin is the one who makes the most mistakes.

2. The members said that Jimin has the dirtiest mind than all of them.

3. Jimin is too thin because he starved too much due to the fact that many called him fat.

4. Before BTS debuted, he also considered the stage names “Baby G”,”Baby J” and “Young Kid” but then decided to use his real name instead.

5. He is known for overworking and practicing too much that he once got a nosebleed because he overdid practicing.

Kim Taehyung (V)

1. Kim Taehyung is the most noisiest and active member of BTS and it can be proven without a doubt.

2. Before the group debuted, he once worked in a farm with his grandmother.

3. He became a trainee who do not know a thing or two about singing and dancing.

4. In the Big Hit audition, he rapped but know he is known as a main vocalist.

5. His stage name “V” simply means victory and he did achieved it.

Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)

1. He once cracked his phone because he lost in a video game.

2. Before being a part of BTS, he dreamed of being a badminton player.

3. Just like any other member, he was also given the nickname “Seagull” before they debuted. But instead he used his real name just like Jimin.

4. Jungkook was sent to the United States for a year to focus and enhance his dancing skills because they said that he exerts no feelings into it.

5. He revealed in an interview that he is afraid of microwaves because he thinks that it may explode any minute.

For the profiles of Kpop idols, I used as a source. You can visit the website for more Kpop news and more.



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