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Canadian Sean James Boyer is Building a Solid Reputation as a Scorer

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Sean James Boyer’s reputation as a first rate scorer continues growing with each new job. It’s apparent, however, that Boyer isn’t merely punching a clock. His scores for a variety of television programming have ample professionalism, without a doubt, but it also smacks of a composer aspiring to art. You don’t study music theory and jazz guitar in college just because you want to make money. You want to lift people’s spirits, help them suspend disbelief, and enhance the work of others with your contributions. Boyer’s music, by any metric, fits that bill.


His recent work scoring the Netflix 3D animated series My Little Pony: Make Your Mark attests to this. “Sunny Saves the Day” embodies its title with a short but drama packed composition that carries listeners to exalted heights and through fraught valleys as well. The sense of adventure and high stakes pervading each passage will rivet all but the most cynical. It’s an excellent addition to the long tradition of the My Little Pony franchise and exhibits an innate understanding of the storytelling that has long been a hallmark of the series.

He uses a variety of instruments to get there. Woodwinds, strings, and even bells flesh out the composition with a layered and imaginative approach. It feels so natural, despite the obvious hard work he put in to realize its potential. It’s all the more impressive when you hear his musical dexterity moving from that into the theme for the television series Amelia Parker. He turns his attention to vocals and lyrical content with this strong though brief and the payoff is marvelous. He uses percussion in a much different way as well and the song’s overall character is ideally suited for a sitcom.

Another turn comes with the track “Dark Horse Dominion”. Taken from his music production album Codename Assassin, he ratchets up the intensity with a moody piece reliant on synthesizer and occasional blasts of heavy guitar riffs. It’s a track likely close to Boyer’s heart considering that he began his musical journey learning the six string. His timing with the riffs helps further distinguish the tune. It’s never omnipresent.

He’s built his reputation in short order. Forming a music production company after graduating from college, Boyer found work fast and has piled up an impressive number of credits spanning multiple outlets and networks. He’s confined his music to the television world, for the most part, and harbors an ambition to move into film work in the future. The talent for such a jump is there. He’ll always be a fixture in the television world, without question, and his future in film is promising. The penchant he has for personifying storytelling strengths in his music sets him apart.


Boyer is obviously someone who hears and feels music as if it were as natural as breathing. It never strains for effect and sparkles with genuine inspiration. His contributions to any television project will raise it several notches and he’ll continue raising his profile with each successive assignment that comes his way. 

Mindy McCall



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