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Viewing Instagram Stories In Incognito Mode

Suppose there’s anything you have in common with half the world’s population; it’s scrolling through Instagram frequently to see all the excellent content, exciting stories, shopping pages, and world news. And if you’re also, again, like anything of half the world’s population, you must be wondering if there’s a mode to view people’s stories without them learning about it.

The app can be categorized into two groups: users sharing every part of their lives with the world to see and users who would keep their accounts private, sharing their moments with only a few individuals they know and trust. If you belong to the latter group, sometimes curiosity may strike you, and you may want to know if there’s any way to see what someone’s up to without being seen in their story list for any reason.

The good news is there’s a way to do just that, and we’ll be sharing how you can view someone’s Instagram story incognito.

Can You View Someone’s Instagram Stories In Incognito Mode?

When you view an Instagram story, the account gets notified that you have viewed it by seeing how many individuals have seen their story in the “views” section. It indicates that if you want to view someone’s story and make sure they never know, you must follow the steps in this post to remain incognito.

  1. The Airplane Mode Trick

An effortless way to view someone’s Instagram Story in complete discretion (mind you, this is free and doesn’t cost a dime) is to use your phone’s airplane mode, and here is how you can do it.

First, open your Instagram app on your device and let the app load up its user stories. Depending on your internet speed, you should give 10 seconds for all the stories to load.

Once you’ve done that, switch your device to airplane mode; whether you’re using the app on an Android or iOS device, the steps for both devices will remain the same. You should give the device at least 5 seconds to fully disconnect from the internet.

For the third step, you must relaunch Instagram from your background apps and view the person’s stories you wanted to see in complete ghost mode; it will be like you were never there.

And that’s it. That’s all you need to do to ensure you stay in your ninja ghost mode.

  • Creating a Finsta

A Finsta account means a Fake-Insta Account. People have burner social media account these days, which are only accessible to people they are close with. It is an account you use to dump your pictures and stalk people without complications.

If you’re desperate to know what the other person is up to, you can use your burner account to view their stories. They’ll never know it’s you as long as you don’t kiss and tell.

In the guide above, we’ve told you about two effortless ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. So next time you’re curious about your favorite blogger, celebrity, or even what a particular someone might be up to in their daily lives, you can do as suggested to remain incognito.

  • IgAnony: Instagram stories viewer

If you want another website where you can view and download stories, IgAnony is for you.

The following steps will make browser navigation easier for you;

Step 1: Enter the username of the person you’re looking forward to downloading stories.

Step 2: You can select a single story or multiple stories of your choice to download.

Step 3: The Download button will be below the stories.



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