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New single by Pam Ross addresses school shootings with raw honesty and powerful lyrics – you won’t believe what she’s saying!

Pam Ross has proven to be a powerful songwriting force in the Nashville music scene, and now in North Carolina, and her new single “Falling Off the Merry Go Round” is a poignant and timely reminder of the tragedy that has befallen those affected by school shootings. With her signature blend of rock, americana, and country, Ross creates a stunning sonic backdrop that encapsulates the fear, helplessness and devastation felt by both the victims and the survivors of these senseless tragedies.

Ross says, “It’s easy to understand why I was inspired to write this song. The plague of school shootings is an evil that we can’t seem to stop let alone curtail. Everyone is busy politicizing the issue & pointing fingers instead of reaching across the aisle to develop solutions. I believe we play a part in making our own Frankensteins through the world we’ve created. Over 175 have died in school shootings since Columbine. As a society, we are failing our children and each other…we are all falling off the merry go round.”

Her profound lyrics evoke a raw emotion that is both heartbreaking and devastating, yet also all too familiar. This is a truly powerful song that will leave a lasting impression.



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