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“What If?” By Tania Kyllikki Feat Rynellton, Provides Yet Another Emotionally Charged Listening Experience For Us

She has acaptivating, down-to-earth personality that shines through her music, with sounds that are both rich and vibrant, which both inspire and captivate her listeners. TaniA Kyllikki’s voice is without question unique, one-of-a-kind, powerful, well-controlled, and always on-point with each subject matter she addresses in her songs. This is because each time she pens her songs and uses her voice, you can feel her express her whole heart and soul into each and everyone.

Passionately, with the intention of evoking an emotional response from her listeners, she remains true to her original goal of using music as a form of expression. She is completely original and memorable, with a renowned capacity to move people and mend broken hearts with her songs. Touching on real-life situations in her lyrics, she provides inspiration for music fans throughout the world. This is a perfect way to describe TaniA Kyllikki’s music.

“After sadly suffering miscarriages, TaniA Kyllikki and her fiance/musical partner created and recorded a new version of her album version, “What If,” together.”

Touching on the heartbreaking subject matter is explored in the song’s beautiful melody. This song deals with the sensitive topic of miscarriage. TaniA’s enchanting voice soars over the melody, creating a deeply moving performance. Her aptitude for high levels of emotion is steadfast, and as the “What If?” story unfolds, it builds to a climax that captures your undivided attention and leaves a vocally and emotionally memorable initial response. TaniA’s repeated refrain throughout the song is, “What if we didn’t lose our babies?” This composition employs a narrative structure that digs deeply into TaniA’s lyrics.

It’s touching that they were able to turn their sorrow over what happened into such a beautiful song. In the music video, “what if” captures what might have been. And the anguish of losing an infant too soon and all that may be going through the couple’s mind are vividly captured in the music video.

The tenderness of each syllable in TaniA’s and Rynellton’s song and the great lengths they both have taken to create this moving love song for their lost babies and those who have suffered the same tragic destiny are deeply moving. Thanks to TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton (aka Garry D. Hairston), we can all share in their profound tribute to their children, whom they have named “Lyric, London, Blair, Conner, and Noah.” Because miscarriage is not something many people talk about. Although this song is about a sensitive subject, it could be therapeutic for those who can relate.

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Listen here to What If? TaniA Kyllikki feat. Rynellton  What If



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