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Exclusive Interview with Cinder Ernst

So excited to talk more with the talented Cinder Ernst. We love your voice! You have a new single you just dropped. How are you feeling about it? Excited? Nervous? Both? 

Thank you for loving my voice and saying so. I remember belting out a song in my backyard when I was barely 2 years old. Seems I’m always singing something. I’m excited about my new release and I always give myself credit for doing what I can to build momentum. 

I’m 63 years old and have incurable cancer so I’m unwilling to mess up a moment with self-doubt or beating myself up. I made a beautiful song And did the best I could to put it out in the world. My version is side A, and an amazing vocalist and friend Sonnet Simmons sings the version on side B along with a choir of my beautiful and generous friends. 

What can fans expect to hear when they listen to the new music if they have not listened before? 

Fans can expect to be pulled into the song and carried through an experience of feeling. You will no doubt find a relatable moment in your life and see the truth of who you are as you rise. You may drop a tear or two.

How did you decide on this as your next release? 

I just dropped RISE AGAIN which has an A side and a B side on May 5th. It was a last-minute decision to put this release on my schedule because I was going to be in the hospital for about a month with this newfangled T cell cancer treatment and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel. 

Rise Again is the story of my cancer journey so I followed my gut instinct and just thought I’m going to try to do it. Funnily enough I got released from care on May 5th…the day the song was released. How cool is that?

You have a really inspiring story and mission behind your music. Tell us more about it!

Summer of 2019 I got off my motorcycle and couldn’t walk. Turns out I have a blood cancer metastatic to the bone. After the shock and awe wore off I decided to only do fun stuff that I really wanted to do. I put aside my successful fitness business of 30 years and became part of a community of songwriting musicians aiming for licensing. I have had so much fun making music, it saves my heart and soul over and over. 

My 2022 LP “Trace the Sky” that includes “Rise Again” was crowdfunded by the people I have touched in music and fitness. I made the record under pressure as tumors had developed in my skull and face and we were afraid radiation might steal my voice. I am releasing songs one at a time but the full record is available as a download through an organization called Cancer Can Rock that helps musicians with cancer make a professionally recorded song because music lasts forever! 

Any plans for any other new music soon? We hope so!

YES! I am always writing, producing, collaborating and having fun.

Tell us where to find your music and follow along on social media. 







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