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Rob Alexander Drops New Single

Rob Alexander’s music may obey traditional pop songwriter fundamentals, but it sounds thoroughly modern. His new single “Get Over Yourself” kicks off the initial promotion for his next album Young Man’s Eyes. It is his fourth collection in the last six years, no small thing for a singer whose “day job” is working as a physician anesthesiologist in South Florida, and he sounds as enthusiastic about and committed to music as much as ever. It has a strong keyboard/synthesizer background coloring the arrangement and a propulsive backbeat that never slacks or plays loose with the song’s tempo. The polish is impossible to ignore. Alexander has worked hard to shape this cut into modern pop that gets under the listener’s skin and echoes in their mind long after the final notes fade out.

It’s hard to say, however, what sort of impact the song would have without the presence of its guest vocalist. Alexander recruited veteran singer Gigi Worth to join him for the track and the resulting duet kicks “Get Over Yourself” several notches up the ladder of excellence. Each singer commands the listener’s attention for a sizable portion of the track and, despite differences between their voices, plays off one another quite well. It’s worth noting the difference in their approaches to the lyrics.

Alexander has a heavier presence than his counterpart. His emphasis is on developing the song’s anthemic attributes and laying in as much power as possible behind each line. Worth, on the other hand, takes a more considered slant with the song. She has marvelous vocal power as well but uses it differently. She devotes most of her focus, however, to emphasizing emotion over raw lung capacity.

The lyrics are far reaching. Alexander doesn’t settle for being assertive alone but instead widens his vision to frame the song as a life and death proposition for the listener. Looking past your own self-interest and seeing the larger scheme of things seems to be the song’s message and surrounding it with a near cinematic arrangement gives it well-deserved gravitas. He is disciplined enough, as well, to avoid any pseudo-poetic lines that might pull the track down into ill-advised self-indulgence.

“Get Over Yourself” leans heavily on synthesizers for its musical identity. Alexander doesn’t stop there, however, and the song gains a great deal from a well-defined guitar presence and steady percussion providing a stout foundation. The lead guitar is especially potent. He’s mixed the necessary ingredients together for a song that makes a substantive statement while still entertaining its intended audience.

It isn’t a song aimed at a niche crowd. Alexander’s musical and songwriting aesthetic yearns to reach the broadest possible audience. He’s tailored its musical, vocal, and lyrical strengths to this end and listeners will be hard pressed to find a single passage that isn’t convincing. Rob Alexander can now be rightly referred to as a veteran performer and nearly every aspect of his new single “Get Over Yourself” suggests he is approaching the peak of his powers. 

Mindy McCall



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