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“Run! Run! Run!” by Vineet

I’m glad I’ve discovered him with his new single. I believe “Run! Run! Run!” is a model of pop songcraft. It isn’t fluff pop, however. He’s created a substantive song that flows through you, filling you with energy, and widening your eyes. Anyone who listens to a lot of music, I mean really listens, knows when they are hearing an inspired performance. This is the real deal.


It’s part of a larger presentation. Vineet is introducing his latest project with this single, a multimedia multiverse with music, a comic book chronicling the adventures of his superhero persona Run Storm, and a 3D animated film to go along with it. Run Storm & The Hope Star will benefit a great deal from the immediate presence this song has. It’s undeniable.

Fans of electronic music, especially EDM, will wrap their arms around this and refuse to let go. He involves listeners from the first. It blazes straight out the gate with energy to burn, and his first line announces his presence without dominating the track. Nine #1 hits in the 2021-2022 timeframe illustrated his authority as both a songwriter and performer. He’s peaking with this particular project.

The confidence is unmistakable. His cool yet energetic phrasing never oversteps and matches the arrangement’s effervescent surge. The song’s lyrics are not so far afield from the typical pop song that we feel like we’re in alien territory, but there’s no question in mind that they have an unusual spin in Vineet’s hands. His individuality shines through.

I love the chorus most of all. It’s where Vineet brings every particle of the song’s potential together for a rousing peak moment. It’s also where his confidence burns brightest. He doesn’t place a single note wrong during these passages and feels the song’s groove as never before. Ratcheting up the tension from the fine verses into this climatic moment feels like a natural transition and kicks the song into another gear.

He isn’t resting on his laurels. Let’s be honest – after enjoying such an unprecedented run during 2021 and beyond, Vineet has a formula he can milk for the remainder of his career, if he likes. He’s went in another direction, however. Vineet continues to challenge himself, throwing down one creative gauntlet after another, and doesn’t back away from attempting to transform listener’s lives, if only for a time.


It’s a safe bet we can expect him to keep doing so. I wonder where he can go from this point, but that’s another subject. He’s at the peak of his powers right now and I believe he’ll maintain this level of excellence for some time to come. There’s nothing slack about this performance, nothing perfunctory about his writing, and not even a faint glimmer of exhaustion. Vineet Singh Hukmani’s “Run! Run! Run!” is in the capable hands of a musical artist committed to every note and word. Don’t be like me and miss out. His multiverse awaits us all. 

Mindy McCall



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