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Harmony Amplified: Delve into the Zen Symphony of Ananda Xenia Shakti – Earth’s Newest Melody Maestro and Yoga Guru!

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I want  to help people feel inspired to be free from limitation. To live life as if it is a festival being held just for them, where they can live and express all the joy and dreams they have, and where out  of authentic, ‘joie de vivre’  they spontaneously feel love and care for everyone

What is your typical songwriting process?

I often hear my songs while I am meditating or practices yoga, the mood of song arrives very well developed then I pick up my guitar and  put on the finishing details

Can you describe your performance style and how you engage with your audience during live shows?

I am audience orientated during a performance. Our and actually likes to give part of the vocals to the audience, we call it interactive music, so the audience  becomes part of the band !  It so much fun and so potent to get everybody fully activated in the music. It takes the experience to a whole new level for audience and band and actually removes the separation between performer and audience, which lands us in a mosh pit of feeling the Oneness of Reality !!!

How do you stay current and innovative in the constantly evolving music industry?

I listen to what rising in myself and I don’t pay any attention to industry. I thinks that where the greatest innovations come from.

Can you discuss a challenging moment in your career and how you overcame it?

There are always obstacles, players come and go, problems  with recordings, issues with gigs……self confidence issues. My way its to simply hold strong to my ideas and not give up.

What do you believe sets you apart from other artists in your genre?

The power of our lyrics.

Can you walk me through the creation and production of your latest single “You Are Already Free”?

I showed up at rehearsal with the song written on my acoustic guitar and some other ideas I was feeling. The guys in the band were amazing and started jamming ….. they lit it !!!   They transformed  it from a folk song into the  punk/pop tune  I was hearing but couldn’t play .  Still when  we started recording  the song it wasn’t landing vocally the way I wanted to.


 I played it for my son, who has good ear,  and he suggested I change some of the lyrics. Once I created the new chorus ‘You Are Already Free’ the song took on a whole new energy vocally. There wasn’t time to finish in Toronto cause I was on my way to India. So I took the files with me and finished the recording in India, which  was so much fun ! I love recording in India  I get to be really hands on with all the sounds which is important  to me because I often have a very specific sounds I am hoping to hear

How do you balance your artistic vision with the business side of the music industry?

It’s hard, I am not at inclined towards business. I like making promo material because that’s artistic but I super don’t like trying to gets peoples attention to get them to like things, listen to them, share them etc.

So I do my best ! What else can we do… they are so many things to consider when marketing. It is a whole separate career that needs training and I am not interested in it, it doesn’t excite me at all  But connecting with others does, so I use that enthusiasm to move me along with the marketing. 

How do you collaborate with others in the music industry, whether it be with other artists, producers, or managers?

As mutual co-creators .

What do you hope listeners take away from your music and performance experiences?

Joy, Freedom, Love, Greater love for one another, Excitement, A desire to live beyond the norm, A desire to awaken all their sleeping talents and inspirations, A desire to feel the oneness of creation, A desire know themselves beyond what is obvious, A desire to awaken and activate existence as a sublime mystery , I hope the hook line in the songs, that are always about deep inspiration to live life to the fullest, cycles over and over in their minds creating change in thinking and action.



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