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It’s all about the Luv

Shondell Coleman, commonly referred to as Luv Docta, is a highly skilled and multifaceted artist hailing from Chicago. He demonstrates prowess in various domains including, but not limited to trap soul music, entertainment, acting, writing, and public speaking. As a songwriter, Luv Docta exhibits a gracious disposition and has accrued a substantial understanding of the intricacies pertaining to the mundane aspects of our existence and romantic relationships through the experiences of time. Luv Docta exhibits formidable proficiency in cultivating interpersonal connections and engendering a heightened sense of intimacy among individuals. On the 5th of May, he officially released his most recent project, titled “FREAK,” which features YBG Tsunami. On June 2, the corresponding music video for the song was released. It was skillfully crafted by Kwatts Production and featured a vibrant portrayal of a carefree and uplifting ambiance. The tone of the text emanates an impression of unencumbered vivacity commonly ascribed to the season of summer. The depiction emphasizes the vivacious interaction of the two musicians with attractive female companions, augmented by pleasurable embellishments including water guns and choreographed sequences where the models engage in collective movements.

FREAK” has established itself as a quintessential summer anthem that inspires an array of affirmative sentiments. The Luv Docta offers a new, distinctive outlook on the contemporary music landscape by producing unique compositions that deviate from the conventional themes of physical attraction and eroticism that are often prevalent within the entertainment industry. “I put my hand up on her thigh (thigh), I hit that hole just like a blitz. They showing luv cause I’m that guy, I got the coldest energy. These not so big no mini mees, don’t want no problems I need my peace,” “Trappin’ like I got no care (no care), taking flights out from O’Hare (O’Hare), fuck it. I’m just everywhere (where), VVS let’s make it clear (let’s go). Baby get right, no cap in that (yea), Lil mama greedy tryna get the tax (taxing), but I ain’t wit all that,”

Throughout the song, the duo confidently exert their dominance in both sexual and monetary realms. This unique piece of music blends a captivating sense of taboo with an alluring, sensual quality.

Listen to the collaboration “Freak” by Luv Docta and YBG Tsunami, now available for streaming on multiple platforms.



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