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Exclusive Interview With Kara Greskovic

 We are getting to chat with Kara Greskovic and we are so excited. Kara is a Nashville based music producer and has talent for days. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Let’s dive right in – what projects are you currently working on?

Thank you so much for having me! This summer is filled with a bunch of new and exciting projects! I’m finishing up a new folky pop single for Nashville artist Sam Bryant, which will be released this summer. I’m working on an electro pop song from Manda Malina as well – this one is super experimental and just a blast to work on.. I also just finished up a new song for Amanda McCaslin, a darker americana artist located outside of Nashville.. It’s a jam packed summer for sure!

I know this will likely be difficult but if you could pick one – what is your favorite song that you have produced?

This is a tough one – all of the songs that I have produced or touched in some way are special to me. If I had to choose one, I would say “Too Many Steps to Heaven” by Jake Fields. I produced this song with Jake during the Covid lockdown, and it was a passion project that brought light to a dark time.

If we were riding in your car with you – who would be playing through the speakers?

This is super random, but I love listening to modern hip hop and rap. I love blaring music and just shaking my car’s bass way too loud haha. On rotation is currently “Princess Diana” by Ice Spice and “Swish” by Vic Mensa. However, if I’m in a more mellow mood, I do love some good Taylor Swift or some new Gracie Abrams.

Dream artist to work with that you would love to produce?

I’ve always dreamed about working with Lady Gaga since I was a kid. I just feel she is so hands-on with her productions and is such a visionary. I know I would learn so much from her. Another one is Billie Eilish. I know her and Finneas (who is amazing) are a bonded pair, but I love Billie’s ability to step outside the box and her raw nature behind all of her songs.  

Any projects that you have coming up that you can tell us about?

I’m about to start working on an EP for Dylan Martinson, a Wisconsin based country artist who is just fantastic. I’m super excited about this. I’m also about to start working on a new single from esports host/budding musician Gabby Durden, which should be released mid summer. In July, I’m recording several singles for a young pop artist named Annah Marcelle. Very excited about that! We have been working together for awhile, and it’s our first time working in person together. Should be very special!

Where can we keep up with you on socials and see what you have coming up next?

Thank you for your time! My instagram handle is karagreskovic  where you can also find a Spotify link to the songs that I have worked on 

You can also find all of the above and contact me via my website, which is 

End of Interview



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