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ViennaCC Is Back With New Single

Though most of the friction in its arrangement comes from the mammoth size of the synths and percussive componentry clashing together for control of the rhythm, there’s nonetheless a ton of incendiary melodicism spilling out of every corner in ViennaCC’s new single “Online Love.” Indulgence might not be doing the track the justice it deserves, but to be frank, there’s no other way to account for what ViennaCC has on the menu for listeners here.

His virtuosic play adds a touch of angularity to the swing of the music that, at the onset of the song, feels almost too abrasive for what we’re expecting to come next. ViennaCC stuns with his vibrant lead vocal, however, creating such a cohesive bond with the instrumentation behind him that there are moments in which harmonies seem to have no start or end points. Paying tribute to the classic industrial genre whilst sticking with a style of efficiency that has never done him wrong in the past, our star performer delivers a top-notch look in this track certain to leave fans both old and new the same looking for more.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks of this piece; emotion, grooves, and most of all, poetic value. Emotionality is fostered not only through lyrics but the beats setting their context, and while ViennaCC’s singing does a lot to amplify the simplistic narrative of his words, the full package of instrumental ribbonry conveys the complete depth of his feelings here.

He never steps on the gas too hard with this arrangement and vice versa, allowing for the grooves to arise naturally and noninvasively, which circumvents the slightest opportunity for disaster right from the get-go. Poetic value can be found in both the urgency of ViennaCC’s vocal as well as the gallop of the music supporting his every word, touching on an expressiveness impossible to achieve without the fluidity of this player’s output in this track. I got chills the first time I listened to “Online Love,” mostly because I could instantly tell I was listening to a project defined by the passion that its creator put into it.

Those who dig alt-rock with a mechanical sensibility are going to go nuts for ViennaCC’s sound this June, and I’m rooting for “Online Love” to be anything but the last effort he engages in with regard to the aesthetics at the forefront of the song. Between the style and the man himself, they’re bringing out the best in each other in this performance and making the sting of every harmony a little more potent than necessary, which is one heck of a step up from the vast majority of indie singles I’ve been reviewing from both pop and rock artists the same for most of 2023.

This is a home run for this melody maker, and judging from the lack of industrial-driven pop/rock getting any legit share of the spotlight in the past few months, I think he picked the right time to drop a true and undisputed masterpiece for all the world to enjoy.

Mindy McCall



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