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“Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” by Alicia G

The music video for “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” by Alicia G opens with a familiar scene in her native Buffalo, the energy of the track already starting to fill the air around us. A melody fires up, and she starts to sing in her trademark voice. “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” is coming alive with her vocal, her words cascading through our stereo like they’ve got a mission to reach the other end of the universe in mere seconds. Alicia is on one here, and she means business.

The beat is only implied at this point, but the rhythm is gripping us tightly and encouraging us to venture forth in the track.   Although there’s a lot of glam forced into the premise of the video, the music seems to drive the emotion here more than anything else does or could. The pace of the track seems to slow down for a moment, only to come raging back to life as Alicia ascends toward the second chorus. There’s a lot of tension evolving out of seemingly thin air in the backdrop, but our focus is always on the lyrical emissions as they form before our ears.   “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” doesn’t try and smokescreen its narrative with a lot of visual frills that would ultimately come between the audience and the artist, and while it’s far from the most conceptual music video that I’ve seen in the last year, it’s one of the more focused and fun-loving.

We’re not overwhelmed with a lot of excessive shots that have little – if anything – to do with what the substance of the lyrics is trying to address; instead of watering down her breakout single with an inauthentic pop polish, Alicia G treats us to the real article. If this player’s truly inventive style and contemplative artistry don’t impress you, then frankly I don’t know what would given the state of plasticity in pop music. She’s hitting it right on the nose in this performance, and the irony she subsequently celebrates is probably one of my favorite things about her new song.  

Whether you’re familiar with Alicia G’s work or not, you’re going to want to make a point of checking out “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” when browsing for new music this July. She shows off some real skills in both the single and the video, and though she’s still got room to grow into whatever sound she decides to pursue, saying this track isn’t a treasure of a pop single would be criminally dismissive of how organically talented she is. “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)” features one of the most intoxicating harmonies of 2023, but far more importantly, it makes a positive statement that is remarkably refreshing among all of the gloom and doom in modern pop music.

I think we can expect some great things out of this young songwriter, and after you hear this song, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. For those who love pop and country the same, there’s something here for all parties considered.

Mindy McCall  



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