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Emily Nicole Green Releases Catchy, Cathartic Americana Primal Scream with “Wreckage”

Green describes Wreckage as “The Letter You Wrote To Your Ex But Burned Before Sending” and digs in deep to a swampy, bluesy, Americana soundscape.

New York, NY (July 20, 2023) – NYC-based singer-songwriter, Emily Nicole Green, is releasing her second track, Wreckage on July 20th, and this time her Americana sound is leaning heavily into jazz and blues. Green taps into the seething anger and biting shame that are the fallout from the rejection of unrequited love as her emotionally charged lyrics and gritty, raw vocals offer the fury of a woman scorned. We are taught to keep these kinds of feelings under wraps, but at least for the two minutes and thirty-two seconds that the song is playing, Green grants us permission to feel every one of those feelings and then some. “Wreckage” is a song for the people who have been brought to their knees by the very person they thought loved them back.

The musical composition Green has produced with “Wreckage,” is a genre-bending mix of jazz and blues alongside pop and Americana. Her vocal moves from sultry and smoky into powerful and brutal, making you feel like you’re lost at sea with no sign of land, sonically encapsulating the feeling of being completely blindsided by a new reality you were not at all prepared for. By saying the things we have all wanted to say at one time, but didn’t, “Wreckage,” rewrites that time in your life when you realized that the solid ground beneath your feet was actually quicksand and offers you a safe space where you can let it all hang out. “Wreckage” offers solidarity to those who have been gaslit and led on, only to fall from the heights that love or even the possibility of love, can take you. Green calls on clever, biting wit to help express her feral feelings in lines such as: “It must have all been in my head, all those nights of candid conversations, boundaries breaking left and right ‘til 3am were never laced with romantic intonations, hey, that’s just how you talk to friends.”

“Music is a safe space to go to when we need to let our anger run free. The intensity of emotions we are left to sift through in the wake of heartbreak—especially when we don’t see that kind of rejection coming—can shake us to the core and put us on our knees, completely shifting our sense of reality as we know it. We need to be able to scream and rage and cry. We need to reconnect to our sense of self and begin to rebuild from the wreckage. We need to do what we can to feel the pain so we can release it from our bodies. Singing this song at the top of your lungs in the car may not be what your therapist ordered, but I highly recommend it.”

– Emily Nicole Green on the inspiration for her new song, “Wreckage”

In the fever dream of emotion that suffuses this track, there is also a sense of reclaiming a self-worth that has been trampled on, with lyrics like “thought you could treat me like a losing scratch-off ticket, the kind you’d shove in a junk drawer.” Awakening an empowerment, a recollection of identity, and a sense of self that may have gone missing during the relationship itself or during the cat-and-mouse lead up that offered false hope for a relationship. Anger is active, it’s not passive. It shows there is still a fire in the belly and that once the pain has subsided, there will be a Phoenix rising from these ashes.

“Being treated like this and feeling this anger response awakened the part of me that remembers who the hell I am. This song is for the part of me that wants to have a chance to say everything I felt and validate the reality of what I experienced, but also for the part of me that wants to hold myself accountable for not letting this happen to me again.”

– Emily Nicole Green

Emily Nicole Green’s vocals are supported by a jazz drum kit, electric bass, and piano all played by Greg Neel, a haunting cello by Erica Ransbottom, and a punchy upright bass played by Barry Bales. Produced by Emily Nicole Green. Arranged by Mike Williamson. Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Wilson at HeyHey Studios in Griffin, GA and mastered by Alex Sterling at Precision Sound Studios in NYC.

Wreckage is the second release to be included within Emily Nicole Green’s forthcoming EP, Outrunning The Animal, anticipated to be released in October of this year.

About Emily Nicole Green:

NYC-based singer-songwriter, Emily Nicole Green shines a light into the depths of her own emotional interiority with her lyrics and her sound. Her vulnerable writing, powerful vocal, and skillful vibrato work together to offer listeners immediate emotional resonance and stirring storytelling that stay with them long after her songs end. 

Green has been writing and performing her original songs since she was a freshman in high school. At 17, she began dealing with debilitating anxiety and panic that stopped her from pursuing her dreams for nearly two decades. In 2019, she decided it was now or never and began pouring herself into her music. She posted cover songs on Patreon and a year later landed her first TV spot with a cover of “Greasy Frybread” played over the credits of Season 1, Ep. 4 of FX’s Reservation Dogs.

Green’s songwriting is where she gives herself permission to tell herself the truth, processing her emotions and not judging what they have to say, letting the songs be told by the parts of her that still ache. On what guides her writing, Emily says, “At the altar of the ache, you’ll find the light below the wound.”

Emily Nicole Green’s debut EP, Outrunning The Animal, which mixes Americana with indie-folk, pop, jazz, blues, and country, is anticipated to be released in October of this year.

About the EP:

Emily Nicole Green’s forthcoming debut EP, Outrunning The Animal, is set to be released October 2023. The EP includes five songs that each live in the liminal space between Americana and indie folk, while leaning into other genres— pop (It’s Gonna Be Okay), country (“Hole In My Heart”), blues and jazz (Wreckage)—depending on the track. In her songwriting for this EP, Green works through grief and rage, rejection and desperation, the indignities of unrequited love, while testing out the waters of acceptance and hope.

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