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LVCRFT Drops Spooky New Single

Let’s be grateful that each year behind the scenes music world movers and shakers such as Evan “Kidd” Bogart, Melissa Warner, and Peter Wade come together under the LVCRFT banner and whip up another Halloween-inspired musical confection for audiences to enjoy. The project’s fifth release V, set for release in September, has spawned the new single “Scream for Halloween” and it’s a track certain to stoke your enthusiasm for the forthcoming spook-filled holiday. LVCRFT combines their efforts with contributions from The Remains and the pairing enhances the end product even more. It’s an unabashed celebration of this unique holiday that unites its listeners with its irrepressible, playful enthusiasm.  

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LVCRFT collaborates with The Remains for this track and the union helps send the song to even greater heights. It certainly isn’t a Halloween romp designed to frighten or spook listeners but, instead, a pop tune that celebrates the fun that everyone experiences during this time of the year. Its ability and obvious mission to bond its broad target audience together under a single purpose succeeds from the outset and gains momentum as the song propels toward its inevitable conclusion.   The duetting vocals carry much of the song’s appeal. Both singers tackle the song’s lyrical content with considerable relish and yet never overplay it for laughs. They are in the moment, however, and there’s a pronounced theatricality in the song’s presentation that they make the listeners enjoy. They complement the musical arrangement as well. The words riff on a grab-bag of stock Halloween images and the specificity of some helps make the song even more memorable. You come away from “Scream for Halloween” with several indelible images in mind that linger long after the track concludes.

Throwing in a sax solo for good measure develops the track’s musical credentials. It isn’t disposable fluff. This step, as well, ensures that the song, while not a “serious” musical work, has an appeal that extends far beyond the Halloween season while still being a track that counts as a “standard” for this time of the year. You’ll be able to revisit “Scream for Halloween” any year and find it sounds as fresh and attuned to the time as ever.   Their instincts for how long it needs to be are perfect. “Scream for Halloween” doesn’t even make the three-minute mark and breezes by with such effervescence that you may find yourself even wishing it went on ten or twenty seconds longer.

There is too much of a good thing, however, and LVCRFT knows it well. Tightening their musical focus in this way helps “Scream for Halloween” stake its claim as a timeless celebration of the holiday.   If the remaining songs for V share its boundless entertainment, then we’re in for a fun ride. It isn’t a song that makes any demands on listeners outside of just enjoying themselves and reveling in the Halloween experience. So forget your cares for a little while and dig into this track because LVCRFT wants you to remember and rejoice in what Halloween, at its essence, is all about. 

Mindy McCall  



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