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BEONIX 2023: Stage Virtuosos — Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin, and Innellea

Just as Beethoven, Bach, and Strauss stunned the world with their fantastic music in the past, their fellow countrymen do so today. 

Germany is abundant in musical talent. And this is particularly evident in the electronic scene.

The 2023 BEONIX lineup comprises a number of prominent German techno musicians. Here are some of them.

Minimalist and His Techno

Social existence determines consciousness, as another of Huntemann’s famous homelanders stated. That may be true of Oliver.

His birthplace, near the North Sea, where winters are long and cold, and the sky is frequently clouded over, couldn’t but leave a mark on his inner world.

It was the harsh industrial landscapes of Hamburg that became the inspiration for Oliver Huntemann and his ruthlessly brutal music.

His techno sound is often just the essentials: drums, basslines, and a pinch of synths. Due attention to rhythm and repetition brings it all together. The result is that even a minimal kit of ingredients can make a masterpiece.

Oliver is not only a virtuoso solo performer but a great team player. Through his techno label Senso Sounds, he’s involved in discovering new names and creating his own smashing tracks and remixes.

Huntemann is constantly on the go, touring, recording and producing music, and collaborating with international DJs, bands, and vocalists. His appearance at BEONIX in September will be a highlight of his hectic schedule. 

He Who Follows His Heart

Music has been in Stephan Bodzin’s life since he was born. As a little kid, he gazed spellbound at his musician father’s analog synthesizers.

Later, he was a bass and piano player in his band. He even wrote soundtracks for theater productions. But his biggest passion has always been electronic music.

With the purchase of his first computer, a new milestone in Bodzin’s musical epic began. At first, his brother, a nightclub DJ, became the mediator between Stephan’s tracks and the audience. But it soon became clear that no intermediaries were needed.

The long hours spent in his father’s studio affected his creativity. Bodzin uses plenty of synths in his techno. And melodies. And, of course, he experiments a lot.

Stephan doesn’t go with the stream; he follows his heart and makes music exactly as he sees it, placing a great value on self-expression. That’s what he created his label for — to give techno artists the opportunity to express themselves freely. 

Bodzin is in high demand. He’s engaged in producing projects, and his tracks are regularly remixed. Every club and electronic music festival looks forward to his performances. In the case of Beonix, it will be very soon already.

Worthy Son of His Country

Unlike Huntemann and Bodzin, Michael Miethig, better known as Innellea, belongs to a different, younger generation.

However, just like his older peers, his musical preferences were strongly influenced by the fact that he was born in the European techno hub. Electronic music, clubs, and rave culture have always been popular in Germany.

Innellea’s story is a classic journey from the basement to the global stage. Being self-taught, Michael devoted some time to honing his skills and finding his unique style. And the effort invested soon yielded excellent results.

                       Source: https://music.youtube.com/

Released on the Afterlife record label in 2018, the “Vigilans” EP was a breakout hit, garnering over a million plays. The guitar riffs were a red line in the title track and spoke vividly that blending genres is appropriate if the outcome is striking.

Taking techno beats as a foundation, Innellea builds his own musical universe around them. When looking for unconventional sound solutions, he must first interest himself to be interesting to the audience.

Together with the release of the momentous EP, the artist’s wide touring activity began. The best global dance floors wanted to get the DJ for themselves. This year, Beonix will get him.

Virtuosos on the Beonix Stage

Europe now has a longer roster of big EDM events. Following the success of Beonix 2022, techno and house addicts have designated Cyprus as a key location on their fest itineraries.

In 2023, you will enjoy virtuosos on the music festival stages from 22 to 24 September at EKTO in Limassol, a major tourism and business center in Cyprus.  

Come and see those who write the history of EDM.



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