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OF LIMBO’s New Release “California Demon” Is A True Hard Rock Gem

I’m grateful that OF LIMBO do what they do and do it so well. I can’t recall another hard rock outfit emerging in recent years that packs the same high-velocity punch as this Australian-born pair possess during their new single “California Demon”. They pack a wallop that hits you from different angles rather than bash and thudding away until you’re bludgeoned into submission. It’s another mile marker on the road towards global success for the pair and will undoubtedly be a staple of their live appearances going forward – as well it should be. “California Demon” taps into rock music’s main line and bleeds the style dry for every bit of its songwriting and musical firepower.

This may just be the track that pushes them into mainstream stardom. It doesn’t really matter in the end, however, as OF LIMBO comes off as two musicians who would still be writing and playing music with the same passion even if the end product never saw the light of day. The idea of someone selling their soul for stardom is obviously one that inspired their songwriting to a great degree, and they throw the full weight of their interpretative powers behind making this song as convincing as possible.

The guitar and singing are crucial to that goal. The former wheels through an assortment of attacks from rib-smashing riffs, scintillating passages veering on total chaos, and restrained yet ominous lighter passages that invoke mood over power. The vocals careen from ear-shattering bellows into low-key and threatening phrasing that gets under your skin from the first line onward. The production captures all of these elements with an ear towards balance and there isn’t a single component of the track that overshadows the others.

OF LIMBO’s single makes for a great soundtrack to the song’s accompanying video. It intensifies the mood of the track with its swirl of lit candles, blood-red backdrops, shadows, and gouts of fire. The performance portions of the clip show OF LIMBO in full flight, performing with every bit of the same abandon that they bring to their live appearances. Actress Kelly Hyde is an excellent addition to the video as well; it isn’t difficult to picture her as a nubile young beauty succumbing to the temptations of darkness for the promise of fame.

The lyrics tell the tale, not in a linear fashion, but nonetheless with plenty of significant detail and some memorable payoff lines. They’re perfectly tailored for the track. It’s a song that avoids any extraneous fluff both lyrically and musically; the band shows off its chops, without a doubt – but it’s always with an eye towards crafting a better song. They’ve succeeded. “California Demon” is easily one of 2023’s best hard rock tracks and has real staying power.

It’s a band with obvious staying power overall. OF LIMBO is building a durable career one track at a time and this new single moves the goalposts for them in a significant way. There are even greater triumphs ahead, without question, but you won’t soon forget the fire and fury of “California Demon” which is a true hard rock gem. 

Mindy McCall



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