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Ava Della Pietra Drops New Single

Ava Della Pietra has several successful singles to her credit that strengthen her claim to being one of the most compelling young pop singer/songwriters rising through the ranks today. Her newest single “ego”, however, stands out even given the excellent work of her recent past. This new song marks a pivotal turning point in Della Pietra’s career as she abandons the innocent appeal of her past songwriting and presentation in favor of a much more adult point of view. It is traditionally a moment fraught with peril for such performers, but Della Pietra proves she has the ample necessary talent to forge in a new direction without losing the fans she’s amassed thus far.

The song’s video will draft a bevy of new fans to get behind her cause as well. The subway setting for the clip creates an intense, near-claustrophobic effect for listeners without ever overwhelming them. The dark shades of color present throughout the clip never diminish the presence that Della Pietra achieves during the clip. She possesses a smoldering sensuality that’s never cheap that her past work only hinted at. The video makes liberal use of tried-and-true elements such as jump cuts and the secondary performers ably support Pietra’s efforts with excellent performances of their own.

Her vocal ability to manifest angelic and earthier tones alike shows the elasticity of Della Pietra’s voice. She adorns it with special fx at various points during the performance, perhaps marring its potential, because any astute listeners will hear she has the pipes to shoulder the song without any added tinsel. To her credit, however, Della Pietra never slathers on the post-production gloss and, on the whole, favors a straightforward approach that serves the song.

The percussion and bass combine to lay down a groove every bit as elastic as her voice. It turns through a series of evolutions throughout the arrangement without sounding like it has veered off-course. Della Pietra positions the percussion to have necessary prominence during the song but the bass playing isn’t far behind. They constitute a strong counterpoint for Della Pietra’s vocals from beginning to end.

She provides further proof, if needed, that modern pop music is more than capable of sustaining adult themes and genuine artistic substance. “ego” is far from disposable. It is wildly entertaining, however, so rest assured that Della Pietra never forsakes that criterion. It isn’t difficult to envision this song working just as well as part of a longer collection and its companion music video further reinforces the song’s value.

Ava Della Pietra is what some call a “lifer”. You get the impression listening to her songs that she’d continue writing and performing even if she never recorded another note. It is essential to her personal identity and the cathartic value of a song such as “ego” cannot be over-estimated. She’s purging herself of a negative experience during this song and doing so in a way that nearly every listener will relate to Della Pietra’s latest single should check off all the boxes for any serious music fan. 

Mindy McCall



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