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ViennaCC is Back with New Single

I believe that the brash and irrepressible sound of ViennaCC’s latest melodic dance-influenced pop single “When the Cats Come Out” will be one of his biggest hits yet. The Vienna, Austria headquartered singer/songwriter has garnered a growing fanbase plundering Western dance and pop music as reference points for his work, yet it’s difficult to label him an imitator of any sort. I hear ViennaCC achieving his own distinctive sound with “When the Cats Come Out” rather than mimicking the work of betters and the unique demeanor, both lyrically and sonically, of the cut helps it stand out even more. I like, as well, how the song is open to interpretation. ViennaCC’s intelligence shines through in the writing every bit as much as his musical skill.

Listeners’ ability to hear the song’s subject matter in different lights is one of its underrated strengths. I hear very few dance songs where the lyrical content has that sort of open-ended meaning, usually the words are sketchy and self-explanatory, but ViennaCC has put considerable thought to the writing of this track. His vocals, both the performance itself and how he records them, deepen the lyrical impact.

There’s an almost industrial quality to the music. “When the Cats Come Out” has several changes that clang and crash rather than the smooth computerized transitions we typically expect from dance pop. It doesn’t make it an unappealing listening experience, however, and helps give the song a flavorful quality, unlike other similar efforts in this vein. It’s a restless track, as well, never settling for long on a particular motif, and handles the shifts from one passage to the next with expert skill.

There’s a careening, braying edge present in ViennaCC’s voice, as well, without ever alienating listeners. It syncs up well with the musical arrangement and longtime fans as well as newcomers to his music will appreciate the overall coherence of his presentation. It’s a remarkable sounding performance considering that ViennaCC whipped it together in a home studio setting.

He does not linger too long either. The song runs a little over three minutes in length and it gives him ample time to come in, run roughshod over listeners with his musical creativity, and get out before he flirts with overstaying his welcome. ViennaCC crafted “When the Cats Come Out” to win over a large audience rather than niche listeners and successfully fulfills his mandate with moves such as this and those described earlier in the review.

He’s built quite a reputation for himself and shows no signs of slowing down. ViennaCC has managed this working as a genuinely independent, beholden to no one but himself and his target audience, and betting on his talent has paid off. He’ll likely continue to be with us for years to come as his prodigious creativity keeps him working at a prolific clip. He aims “When the Cats Come Out” at a large segment of the music listening audience; they’ll welcome it with open arms and come back for more. 

Mindy McCall



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