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Jake Walters Exclusive Interview

Big welcome to the talented Jake Walters! We are so excited to talk more about your new music and journey. Could you share some insights into the production and recording process for your most recent release? Any interesting anecdotes or behind-the-scenes stories?

Thank you for the warm welcome! For this project, which will be released as a series of EPs, representing different sections, I was really really interested in taking common acoustic instruments, like guitars, marimbas and woodwinds, and distorting them until they were unrecognizable. I wanted it to be a sort of folk music, but as if that folk music were on an alien planet. It was really intentional, because I am trying to make a statement about how our own foundations and beliefs can be stretched if they need to be. It was really fun to see how far I could push the boundaries of instruments before they got just a little too crazy, haha. It was also really creatively liberating to work in this way, because I felt like I was, in a way, creating my own new instruments, and that made me feel really excited to be writing! 

I also acquired my dream microphone, the Share SM7B, during the process of recording this album. My roommate was selling it, and I was like “Please let me buy it!” I was so excited that I actually re-recorded a couple songs with it, which turned out better! I love how this microphone really balances out the frequencies of the voice, but in a way that doesn’t strip the voice of its individuality, and keeps it soft!

Will there be accompanying visuals or artwork that complement the release? How do they tie into the overall concept?

Motion picture visuals… That would just be a dream! I always have these huge concepts planned, but that can always be challenging logistically! But you never know! I’ll always be striving for that dream to come true! 

The artworks for this project are meant to be very symbolic. The first release, that came out on September 1st, Folc, shows me in simple clothes, humbly, or even shyly, looking away from the camera, holding an apple. The background is orange. Folc represents cycles of life, in their beautiful and monotonous essence. Your average person isn’t one who wants to be photographed in a moment of pure domesticity or simplicity, thus I’m looking away. The orange background felt expressive in that orange is a color that is observable in sand and dirt. It’s barebones, but bright and powerful and can serve many meanings. 

The second release, Hearg (Altar), will be green, to represent the Earth. The third, Lufiende (Lovers), will be blue to represent nighttime and hidden-ness. The fourth, Deorf (Industry), will be grey – the absence of feeling or bloodflow. The final, Endestæf (Epilogue) will be black, dense and endless. 

I’m so excited for all of this! 

When can fans expect to hear the new music, and on which platforms will it be available for streaming or purchase?

The Eighth House is the name of my new project, and it will be released as a series of EP’s, each representing a different section or facet of society The Eighth House explores – our own of postmodern capitalism. 

The first section, Folc, was released on September 1st. The next, Hearg, I am hoping to be released on September 29th – the full moon. The next, Lufiende, I am hoping to drop in mid to late October. Next, Deorf, mid to late November, and finally, Endestæf, probably late November as well. 

It is and will be available on all streaming programs you can think of, but I know that I’m particularly fond of Spotify and Apple Music! 🙂 If you want to support in a more direct way, it is and will be available on my Bandcamp profile! 

Do you have any plans for a promotional tour or special events tied to the release? What can fans look forward to in terms of promotion?

I would love to tour this project, but, as previously mentioned, being an indie and unrepresented musician has its series of challenges! I use my tiktok and instagram a LOT to talk about and promote my music, and would love readers to know that I am very excited to talk to them about not just my upcoming music, but anything regarding music! 

What do you hope listeners will take away from this new release? Is there a specific message or feeling you want to convey?

For me, I don’t think there is any one specific message that I am trying to convey in this music. I think it is more of a question that I am posing, with the answer being different for each individual. I do hope that it can serve as a call to action, though, because I think most of us can agree that the world feels as though it is at a crossroads. How do we make it better? What is our role in it? How do we express ourselves freely? How do we honor inner darkness? How do we release old-fashioned ideals that exclude? How do we love each other and ourselves? 

As said earlier, I am eager to have conversations with my listeners, because change must start by these conversations. I hope sincerely that listeners will feel closer to themselves, and to the world around them by listening to this project. 

After this release, what’s next on your musical journey? Are there any hints about future projects or directions you’re considering?

I’m always trying to push myself further with each project I start. I’ve recently become very interested in queer rage and sexuality, and how the queer community has used the arts to express those things, as many other communities also have. But I have found that Queer expression is quite unique, manifested in dancing, sexuality, fashion, and more. I would love to explore that more in the future, and use my own Queer voice to add to the conversation.

Thank you for your time. We would love to follow your journey along – where can we find you social media and stream your music?

Thank you for talking with me! This has been great. 🙂 You can follow me on Tiktok and Instagram, both with username @khakijake. 

My Apple Music is here:

My Bandcamp is here:

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