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Adrian Sutherland Releases “Precious” / “Diamonds”

Adrian Sutherland’s latest musical venture, featuring the dynamic singles “Precious” and “Diamonds,” provides a tantalizing glimpse into his forthcoming album, “Precious Diamonds,” slated for release on March 15, 2024. The decision to unveil both singles concurrently, forming the album title, adds a layer of intrigue to the strategic release.

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The collaboration between Adrian Sutherland and GRAMMY-winning producer Colin Linden in Nashville has yielded remarkable results once again, highlighting Sutherland’s distinctive vocal prowess and his profound connection to his Indigenous roots. Linden’s acknowledgment of Sutherland’s authenticity and musical freedom is palpable in the seamless execution of both tracks.

“Precious” stands out as a formidable anthem inspired by the soulful Black music emerging from the American South. Rooted in the experiences of oppressed communities, the track pays a poignant tribute to the ongoing global struggle for freedoms and rights. Sutherland’s vocals in “Precious” echo the raw, emotive quality found in tracks by the Black Keys, with a similar depth that conveys the intensity of the message. The incorporation of powwow singing, a solid backbeat, and a commanding crescendo at the bridge collectively create a musical force that mirrors the soulful resonance of the Black Keys’ repertoire.

Conversely, “Diamonds” takes a more uplifting trajectory, exploring the belief from Sutherland’s First Nation/Cree culture that people originated from the sky and were made from the sun. The metaphor of humans being akin to diamonds, each unique and precious, is artfully conveyed through catchy melodies and well-crafted instrumentation. In this track, Sutherland’s vocals take on a different hue, showcasing a versatility akin to his contemporary blues influences. It draws comparisons to a softer, contemporary blues track, where the focus is on the artist’s one-of-a-kind voice and style. Sutherland’s vocal finesse, reminiscent of artists who infuse blues with a modern touch, sets “Diamonds” apart. The addition of accordion and B3 organ, alongside Sutherland’s vocals and the rhythmic foundation provided by the ensemble, creates a melodic journey that invites listeners to savor the unique flavor of this musical gem.

Hailing from Canada’s Far North, Sutherland emerges not just as a roots-rocker with heart but as an artist whose sonic palette draws from rock, roots, folk, and blues, interwoven with his life, land, and Cree culture. The fusion of traditional elements with contemporary sounds mirrors the Black Keys’ ability to seamlessly blend blues and rock influences into a distinctive musical identity.

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The upcoming album, “Precious Diamonds,” appears poised to be a pivotal chapter in Sutherland’s musical odyssey, showcasing not only his vocal prowess but also his commitment to preserving and sharing his Indigenous culture. Beyond the stage, his songs touch on issues like contaminated water, food insecurity, and mental health, positioning Sutherland not merely as a musician but as a cultural leader and advocate for change.

As Canada navigates a period of reconciliation, Sutherland’s hopeful message encourages unity, love, and respect among its citizens. His vocals, echoing the soulful resonance found in the Black Keys’ repertoire in “Precious” and delivering a unique contemporary blues flavor in “Diamonds,” showcase an artist who skillfully channels diverse influences into a cohesive narrative. “Precious” and “Diamonds” are not just musical precursors; they are testament to Sutherland’s ability to weave a tapestry of genres, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the full, diverse story within “Precious Diamonds.”

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