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“Good Enough” by G Flip

White hot rhythm runs head first into a tidal wave of melodicism as G Flip weaves her angelic voice into a tapestry of sonic malice in “Good Enough,” the new single from the critically acclaimed pop singer and songwriter. She tells her tale here with a lot of emotion, capturing a sense of her soul and casting a hypnotic spell over the vulnerable hearts within earshot. We follow her down the rabbit hole and find ourselves caught in the spinning blades that make up the girth of the percussion. The track freezes on the guitar riff, and she lays into the sizzling chorus with ease; if this is just a taste of what her live performances must sound like, then G Flip is bound to break into the mainstream with this latest cut from her discography.

The meat and potatoes of “Good Enough” is the main riff that steals the spotlight in the chorus, and while G Flip’s singing is a gem in the grizzly pandemonium going on with the bass, drums, and the underlying groove, you could make the argument that her lyrics make a lot more sense in this extreme environment. The second stanza goes out of its way to hit us with a lot of muscularity whereas the first only teases the physical element, and with each verse the guitar dutifully ghosts her movements, filling in the gaps between her words with an airy glow that is straight out of vintage alternative rock but constructed to be much heavier.

Instead of a big and bad guitar solo to follow the second chorus, G Flip tackles the transition between the song’s two acts with a divine vocal breakdown that harmonizes with the backdrop and makes it feel like the ground is slipping out from under our feet. This vacuum effect, whether intentionally created or not, is one of the best parts of “Good Enough;” it sucks us down a river of melodic bedlam that is both beautiful and tough as nails. A lot of critics might rush to compare G Flip to some of the other premier female singers emerging in American rock at the moment, but to me, that would be too dismissive of her unique skill. She has just as much persistence in her execution as any of her contemporaries regardless of gender if not more, and lets us have it at full force in this single.

As quickly as it spilled out of our stereo speakers and took over the mood of the entire room, “Good Enough” comes to a stop instantly following its last chorus. The short and sweet style of this track makes it an easy song to play on repeat and get psyched up with, and while it doesn’t use any of the typical weaponry that pop gods of yesteryear might have required to produce a song, G Flip doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to imprinting her menacing musical persona on our brains. For only being slightly into her career, she shows us that she certainly has the chops to play with the heavyweights of her genre – and maybe even surpass their successes in time.

Mindy McCall



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