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Welcome to IndiePulse Music Zine, a Journalistic and Music News Magazine Online, with great Reviews and Interviews.

We cover stories about the Indie Music artists that are doing what they want and pursuing their destiny (hey Yeah, so dramatic) while hoping not to have to work minimum wage jobs into their 80”s.

The Indie Label scene itself has been rejuvenated and there are more home spun record labels starting every day, some failing, some with the staying power to make it. We hope you like what we offer you.

If you are connected with any labels, artists or bands that could use our attention please go to our Contact Page and send us the info pronto!

This site will be updated fairly often if not daily, so please follow us, follow on Facebook and connect with us on all of our social media outlets.

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We are presently looking for:

  • Artists / Bands to Interview and Review
  • Article topics and suggestions
  • Record Stores and Online Retailers to Promote
  • Independent Labels to Talk about and Promote
  • Local and National Venues, Cafe / Coffee Shops and Locations that have Live Music
  • General Content and Writers that want to Submit Content
  • Syndication Partners

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IndiePulse Music will be in Print starting January 2017 and will be a free paper in local Record Stores and Venues


IndiePulse Music is creating Podcasts

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We have always put the joy and experience of music and entertainment first, with honest Journalism, Reviews and News we have made a mark in the Music Industry. We now interview artists from all over the world, all forms of music and entertainment.

As a publication that discusses matters that are of interest to Music Fans, Musicians and The Music Industry, IndiePulse Music also works to support Music Education and has supported local and national music communities.

We want to do more than just a Web Site and Blog, we want to expand our video coverage, sponsor events, concerts and support music and the arts. We want to promote all music everywhere and provide a Print edition quarterly to the public to be picked up at any music, book and record store that will have us on their counters.

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  1. Dear Indie Pulse Music, I’m curious to know if people will like the songs on my last 2 albums published in 2017 . ( Water Is Life ) and ( Those Obstacles ) .Would you be so kind to critique and give me exposure to I can have input ? Water Is Life –
    Those Obstacles –
    Sincerely , Amorales

  2. Do you entertain Indian music or fusion of Indian and western music..I need to know if I being an Indian can submit music in your website. Regards Abhinanda

  3. Send this to our email, we don’t have comments on the about page, but we would like to see and hear your offerings.


    Please give my song a look! Aspiring artist trying to promote early!

  5. #nowplaying Do U Believe N God? by DJ G-Low Feat. S.E.C.G. feat. Ganksta Juice Montana Dyse, Tasia The Goddess,P.I.R.,Vidal Garcia, via @audiomack

  6. Hi,
    is your blog still active, i got further questions.

  7. I have been reading out many of your stories and i must say pretty nice stuff.
    I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

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