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Thank you for making the decision to advertise with IndiePulse Music Magazine, you are ready to reach potentially thousands of new fans, clients and customers.

Here is the 2021 Advertising Rate Guide

Choose the Advertising program you want then contact us via email we will send you an invoice once we receive you are work for either the Magazine print advertisement you want or the Web site advertisement.

Once completed your advertisement will be placed and you will have a presence on the fastest growing Independent Music Online Magazine in the United States.

Use our initial contact form below to get started

Need Faster Service? , Call us at 805-264-1947, a representative will ask the following questions:

Your Name, Your Email, Contact Information and your Advertising Level is all you need to get started!

Our Representatives NEVER ask for Credit Card Information, once we have that information, we will email you an invoice via PayPal, a secure billing service. the Invoice will Say IndiePulse Music Magazine / XMG Publishing.

The Rep will call back to verify you received invoice, once paid, we will email you a form to fill out your advertisement info and send along any media to appear in advertisement. due to your need for Security, we will never ask for any information as far as Credit cards or Personal information, that is handled for us through PayPal.

Some our more popular promotions

Advertising Sponsor: $600.00 per month – Print and Website Sponsorship Package

Sponsors receive a large banner on our main / front page and a smaller banner that appears on every page on site, at bottom of IPM content articles and listed as a sponsor of our Videos and Podcasts. They also get a full page color advertisement in the monthly print edition and direct to registered Newsletter clients / readers that are looking to get the news and info direct to their portable media devices.

Advertising Sponsor: $400.00 per month – Website Only

Advertising Sponsor: $300.00 per month – Print Only

Advertising Sponsor: $600.00 per month – Both Web and Print (Best Bargain Price!)

All Advertisements include link-backs to advertiser’s sites and business presence online, as well as coupons, specials etc.

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