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IndiePulse Music – Your News, Interviews and Reviews from the Indie Music Scene.

Hey there everyone, 7 years ago, we started a magazine for music and entertainment called Xombiewoof Magazine, and boy howdy was it an interesting ride! Xombiewoof Magazine has gone through many transformations and is now a very popular site, however we seem to have lost touch with our original goal and we were not serving the Indie Music scene like we wanted to. So we started a new online “Zine” you are viewing now.


Dale Bozzio to Host “Dear Dale” on IndiePulse Magazine

Dale Bozzio, the Platinum Album star and voice of a generation, as vocalist of Missing Persons she captivated millions and inspired many women in music today. Dale’s life is one of amazement; she will share with fans some of her keys to life, success, and how to be your own superstar in life.

Dear Dale will be starting very soon, so check back as much as possible; you won’t want to miss any entries!

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Dale on the web:

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IndiePulse Music will be all about Music, Vinyl Collecting, Artists, Bands and more, we will have articles, interviews and reviews, there may be some big name news, but mostly Indie here, so we look forward to doing some great stuff and, with your comments and input, be the online journal for the music community we wish to be.

These pages will be going through constant updates and edits, regular postings and we will have contests, giveaway prizes and more to please you, all that I ask is you like and follow our blog, Facebook page and social media so you get regular updates. We also want your comments, don’t be shy, be heard and let us know what you are interested in.

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We are presently looking for:

  • Artists / Bands to Interview and Review
  • Article topics and suggestions
  • Record Stores and Online Retailers to Promote
  • Independent Labels to Talk about and Promote
  • Local and National Venues, Cafe / Coffee Shops and Locations that have Live Music
  • General Content and Writers that want to Submit Content
  • Syndication Partners
  • Advertisers – Advertising On IndiePulse Music Starts at 35.00 per Month!

IndiePulse Music will be in Print starting January 2016 and will be a free paper in local Record Stores and Venues

IndiePulse Music is creating Podcasts

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We have always put the joy and experience of music and entertainment first, with honest Journalism, Reviews and News we have made a mark in the Music Industry. We now interview artists from all over the world, all forms of music and entertainment.

As a publication that discusses matters that are of interest to Music Fans, Musicians and The Music Industry, IndiePulse Music also works to support Music Education and has supported local and national music communities.

We want to do more than just a Web Site and Blog, we want to expand our video coverage, sponsor events, concerts and support music and the arts. We want to promote all music everywhere and provide a Print edition quarterly to the public to be picked up at any music, book and record store that will have us on their counters.


We are on Mixcloud as Xombiewoof Magazine’s “In The Groove” which will also promote artists in IndiePulse Music, Check Us out and Let us know what you think of our work!


OK, so for now, we dont have any videos for IndiePulse, but we will be producing videos soon and we do have Podcast Interviews in the works as well, but for now we would like to share with you some content from our Sister Publication Xombiewoof Magazine, which can be found at – More Videos can be found here: Xombiewoof Magazine on YouTube

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