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Content Provider Program

As a Preferred Media Partner of IndiePulse Music Magazine, you are now connecting with the Content Provider Program, you have been assigned access to our Server portal and may now submit Articles, Interviews and Reviews directly to our site.Below you will find the site access payment link as well as some answers to some initial questions we may answer in brief. there is a form for any additional questions and support.

The program has a subscription cost of 150.00 per month, for security reasons, personalized link to your subscription payment plan, which renews the same day every month

Interested in being a part of the action? Use the form below to contact us ASAP!


June 23, 2023

Q: What Can I Post?

You Can Post any form of content you wish that will support your clients needs, Music Reviews, Interviews, Images, Videos, Music Downloads…

Q: Am I Limited to How Much I Can Post?

No, you have unlimited access and post support, whether 1 article per week or 10 articles a day, as much as you wish.. Unlimited!

Q: Can anyone edit my content or remove my content?

No, Only yourself or assigned writers with your log in may edit your content, however IndiPulse Editor may modify if it breeches our journalistic standards, for example if content refers to political hate speech, pornography..etc.

Q: How do I write a Post / Article?

The link below will take you to the WordPress Help File, super easy!


Wait.. I have more questions!

Not a problem, if you have a question, reach out to our support team with the convenient form below, include a phone number if you want us to call you or time to chat via text.

Joseph Timmons
Founder / Editor

I very excited to have this new Content Provider Program to offer our media partners. this will give our partners the ability to reach more of our readers with their news while creating a singularly unique fan base for their clients, and giving our readers more of what they want, great music and entertainment value.

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