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HeartBeat 4 Kids Project 2018

IndiePulse Music Magazine

Music Education Project and Instrument Donation Drive

The HeartBeat 4 Kids Program starts November 1st, 2017 and runs through February 1st 2018, Instruments will be received, repaired and distributed through our program and Schools that are participating with us.

This year, we are proud, and quite honored to announce the Educational Facility of choice is MUSIC MOTIVE of San Luis Obispo California.


About Music Motive:

431302_310554352332854_638367608_nMusic Motive offers private lessons and courses for just about every musical instrument! Our Certified Instructors teach a consistent quality, unmatched in SLO County. Music Motive’s famous Bucket Busters, whose energetic performances thrill crowds all over the Central Coast and raise music scholarship money for kids who otherwise could not afford music lessons.


2_steveMusic Motive’s Mission: Empower music instructors to draw excellence and inspire music students.

I believe that music is an essential part of our lives. It can help you to express your thoughts and feelings, but it’s also been proven that learning to play a musical instrument helps develop thought processes and brain development. It can make you smarter, reduce stress, and help you to feel better about yourself. A good teacher can potentially launch your music career. They might introduce you to a lifetime of playing an instrument, or possibly give you the opportunity to play music for the very first time! I’m confident that our program and facilities will help you get the most out of your musical experience.

It is my life’s work and sincere honor to share the experience of music and I personally invite you to be a part of it. Together we can keep music alive and vibrant! Will you do your part?

Playing music may be the greatest thing to ever happen in a person’s life. It could be the best investment you will ever make.

-Steve Hilstein, Director


Visit Music Motive at and Follow them on Facebook –

Program Sponsors:

The Following are our Project Program Sponsors, Companies, Businesses and Community Members that believe in the core ideals of the HeartBeat 4 Kids Project and want our bring the Magic of Music into children’s lives.


The Drum Circuit


Doug Deutsch Publicity Services


Reliable Hardware /AFW Road Cases



 Rooneys Logo-1291x1170

Rooney’s Irish Pub


Drum Dial

The World’s Best Thrift Store, Orcutt California

 Paradise Trading Post

Musical Artists Involved with Our Event


artist_1691023-1499709328Lou Mars

Multi-Instrumentalist, Author and Recording Artist Lou Mars will be in attendance on the day of the HeartBeat 4 Kids Project, providing exclusive Private Lesson Opportunities to participating children.

Lou Mars writing style and approach has been compared by critics to the likes of David Bowie, Arcade Fire, and Simple Minds. His genre is considered to be Indie / POP / Rock.

Lou Mars is most known for his drumming accolades covering over three decades.

Competing as-early-as the age of 13 in the Reno Jazz festival while posting a second place international performance, next; three national U.S.A. tours,then winning a national reality show televised drum off in 2008, was the featured artist in the Sharon MaRee Warner Brothers Grammy nominated music video “The Way that you Love Me” in 2009, next he posted a 5 day four night 108.5 hour Guinness World Record attempt in 2010 (2nd at the time), Dixon Drums featured Lou Mars in the “How to be a Great Drummer” DVD in 2011.

In 2015 the ‘Lou Mars V’ album was featured at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Lou Mars has released 5 all original albums to date, with his single “I’m OK I Think I’m Fine” being purchased as a sound track by the Bravo television network.

On September 20th 2017 Lou Mars broke the Marathon Drumming Team Record along with the other four top marathon drummers in the world in Castelo Branco Portugal with all proceeds donated to Drum4Syria a project aiding displaced children of war in Syria.

In his spare time, Lou Mars specializes with instructing autistic children how to play the guitar, drums and piano. Mars is an advocate of bringing music back to the public school systems. His book “Beat Alive” will be released winter of 2017

More about Lou Mars at


Music Artists and Celebrities that Endorse Our Charitable Cause

Celebrities / Music Instructors Offering  Free Lessons


Lou Mars – Multi Talented Artist

Mo Whelan


Megan Flechaus

Chris Banta – Brother O Brother

Freddy Villano – American Mafia

Jon Stephen

 Michael Jay – Mighty Cash Cats
 Rick Bozzo
 Gravity Layne

Entertainer Endorsers

 Community Endorsers
The 95th Owens Music Company

CORE Winery Santa Maria / Lompoc


Note:  IndiePulse Music is looking for Artists to volunteer to create PSA announcements for Internet and Radio Promotions, artists interested can connect with us at

Want to make a Donation of a Used Musical Instrument or Make a Financial Donation to the Project?

Contact us at, we will arrange pick up and give your used instrument to a worthwhile cause: a future musician, a Hendrix, a Lennon or a Geddy Lee that is just waiting to be heard.

In addition, we are accepting financial donations to cover repairs that have cost associations; donations are accepted through our online PayPal for security and instant receipt generation at

About The Project “HeartBeat 4 Kids”

Since it began publishing 9 years ago, IndiePulse Music Magazine looks to the next generation of Musicians as advocates of positive change. Every Year we at IndiePulse look to collect used musical instruments of all kinds, Guitars, Drums, Amps, stringed and woodwinds to repair and give said instruments to children and young adults under 20 that want to learn music or realize their dreams.

Now, more than before, children have fewer opportunities to get connected to their passion for music due to educational budget cuts, financial hardship and more. With our “HeartBeat 4 Kids” Music Program, we have given in the past few years many instruments to youths that would not otherwise get the chance to learn and enjoy their natural talents.

IndiePulse Music Magazine has connected with Instrument Repair people, whom have volunteered their time to assist us with this project, and we have also received help from Instrument manufactures, but we need the help of the music community. We ask the musical public as well as musicians around the world to consider donating one or more used musical instruments to us for rejuvenation.

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