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HeartBeat4Kids Project 2021- Music Education for All !

IndiePulse Music Magazine

Music Education Project 2021

The HeartBeat4Kids Program is a year round Community Music Education Program. We at IndiePulse Music feel that we can make a difference and not only foster an Academic Support Program, but one that also endears a child / youth to a life perusing a strong Music Education.

About The Project “HeartBeat4Kids”

Since it began publishing 11 years ago, IndiePulse Music Magazine looks to the next generation of Musicians as advocates of positive change. Every Year we at IndiePulse look to collect used musical instruments of all kinds, Guitars, Drums, Amps, stringed and woodwinds to repair and give said instruments to children and young adults under 20 that want to learn music or realize their dreams. We have a strong need for help in providing Tuition and Scholarships.

Now, more than before, children have fewer opportunities to get connected to their passion for music due to educational budget cuts, financial hardship and more. With our “HeartBeat4Kids” Music Program, we have given in the past few years many instruments to youths that would not otherwise get the chance to learn and enjoy their natural talents.

IndiePulse Music Magazine has connected with Instrument Repair people, whom have volunteered their time to assist us with this project, and we have also received help from Instrument manufactures, but we need the help of the music community. We ask the musical public as well as musicians around the world to consider donating to our cause.

The HeartBeat4Kids Program also offers support for Academic / Primary Educational support. We look to assist “at risk” youth with the funding of resources to do well if not excel in their educational pursuits. whether to help with tutoring fees, school book or supplies, the kids that get enrolled in our project benefit from the support of the music community and their families can breathe a little easier.

Now more than ever with the present COVID-19 Pandemic related issues, the kids need our help.

Want to make a Financial Donation to the Project?

Contact us at indiepulsemusic@gmail.com, we are accepting financial donations to cover Scholarships that provide tuition and support to students that need our help, and your support.

Donations are accepted through our online PayPal for security and instant receipt generation at http://www.paypal.me/XMG.

Program Sponsors:

The Following are our Project Program Sponsors, Companies, Businesses and Community Members that believe in the core ideals of the HeartBeat4Kids Project and want our bring the Magic of Music into children’s lives. As you see, there are sponsors both locally and Nationally that feel what we do is important.




Doug Deutsch Publicity Services


Reliable Hardware /AFW Road Cases




CORE Family Wineries of  Santa Maria / Lompoc

Drum Dial

Nomad Eel Records

Gulf Coast Records

Whiplash Marketing


Snappy Little Numbers Records

Music Artists and Celebrities that Endorse Our Charitable Cause


Rick Bozzo

 Gravity Layne Michael Jay – Mighty Cash Cats

Mo Whelan

The 95th

Megan Flechaus

 Chris Banta – Brother O Brother

Jon Stephen

 Freddy Villano – American Mafia

Fred Hostetler


Karen Lawrence and Blue By Nature

Note:  IndiePulse Music is looking for Artists to volunteer to create PSA announcements for Internet and Radio Promotions, artists interested can connect with us at indiepulsemusic@gmail.com

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