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Listen to the Best of The New Blues Scene The Music of Fred Hostetler, Karen Lawrence and Blue By Nature Now Available on Amazon Music, CdBaby, Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes
'Down & Dirty' Special From Whiplash Marketing & Whizkid Management
IndiePulse Music Magazine is starting it's pre summer fundraiser, we are looking to grow our Online Radio Station and Enhance our website to host videos and music streaming, as well as offer more content and music downloads which will help support artists we think will be top chart performers. Donate today, go to our PayPal link and donate any amount you wish, all donations will receive a special CD and Sticker gift bundle and other gear thank you prizes. Donations also support our HeartBeat4Kids program.
New Feature for Magazine: Video Spotlights !
Hey all, here is link to our new internet radio station, can you all check it out, like / follow and give me some feedback on it?
Tomorrow at 12:00 noon, IndiePulse Music Magazine will reveal the Exclusive First look at the New Video for the song Young and Vicious by Delmont - an IndiePulse Exclusive Video Reveal. Go to at 12noon pst and check it out. this is a hot video by a band that's got the right stuff for sure! in the meanwhile, check them out on Facebook at and on their website
Hey all, our new tumblr is live !!! ANNNNDDDDD... we set up a program on it - "Tell Us Your Story" Visitors can post directly to it, tell us and the world about your band, your music, gigs going on in your area, your favorite records... etc! We will also have artists and musicians and celebrity guest bloggers, randomly making posts, answering questions.. etc. just to make it fun join us, tell us your music style, random posts selected to win prizes !
Hey all, so here are some images of our Studio / Green Room / Listening Room remodel, we wanted to show the placement of our Acoustic Tiles we received from SoundAssured Acoustic Tiles. SoundAssured offers Excellent Quality and very reasonable pricing and frankly, it is really the best option for the Indie Musician looking to do the most with the modest budget. Check out SoundAssured on Facebook, and on their website They also have a great Calculating tool which helps you find exactly what and how much you need to create a space with awesome sound.
"You've got me walk'in and talking to myself", by cliff Jackson's village cats, recorded 12-21-1944, black and white records, a rare demo copy.
Sunday Jazz
Music listening room refit with acoustic treatments by SoundAssured- video forthcoming!
A message from Joseph Timmons, Editor of IndiePulse Music Magazine. Greetings, March 1st 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the inception and launch of IndiePulse Music Magazine. It has been a short 10 years and we grow more and more each day and many of the great bands we have met and heard have found our coverage of their craft to be an invaluable asset, as well as made many new fans and friends in you and the other people that come to IndiePulse daily to get the scoop on the new music of the global independent music scene. As we look forward to the next leaps and bounds we plan to make in bringing you the news and music you enjoy, we are also planning some great surprises and , with hope, a new Independent music channel on Public Television, yes, we are moving forward with our plan to start a show on California Public Access Television Channel and with hopes, Cable. We had recently started a fundraiser to gather resources for our magazine’s growth plans and our charity project HeartBeat4Kids, with a goal of $5,000.00 to meet, we have been fortunate to gather the support of many, and , though we have so far only made a measure of a little under $300.00, we hope that this next week we can meet our goal, the Fundraiser ends on March 5th, so, these next 2 weeks are pivotal and are sort of a make or break, but we will continue with everything we do, and we do owe our success to you, the Musicians, Artists, Music Lovers, Enthusiasts and advocates that feel we are doing a job in journalism worth following, sharing and supporting. If you have made a donation or have made a show of support, thank you, if you plan on making a donation, or feel you want to help in any way, share our story, our links and get your friends to know more about us. Watch our page and follow us on social media to see what is next for us, and remember our motto “IndiePulse Music Magazine, The Best Music You Have Yet To Hear” And, if you can help us gather donations, donations may be made at The Beat Goes On Joseph.
If you have a Record Player and want to protect your precious wax treasures, buy the brand new official IndiePulse Music Turntable Slip Mat!, we are taking Pre-Orders now, we are making 150 of each, a 12" inch platter size and a 7" platter size. Go To our Merch Page and order yours today, Items will ship on March 5th 2019

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