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The table so far, and not finished cooking
When you kick ass that's really tough
Karl Elder takes me out to a Halloween table party, do far only the invisible man and a couple ghosts have shown up..
Friend gave me a grandfather clock
Puppy had a long and exhausting day. Sleepy ODO
Baked potato with cheese chili and chives topped with sour cream... yum lunch
Took a Mental Health day and road tripped to San Luis Obispo, had a wonderful adventure, also found my new Favorite Swwet Shop, LOKUM in San Luis Obiso, Turkish Treats !
I also found my new favorite sweet shop, Lokum Turkish Delights and Baklava, gorgeous interiors, great staff and candies & sweets that are amazing.
On my Adventures today I found a store that specializes in gemstones and sculptures made with gemstones, not a new AG Store just a really nice store with jewelry made from natural stone. Gaia's Gallery , stunning pieces
So let me tell you if my Adventures today, as you know I've been struggling with depression for quite some time, and the dental surgery yesterday didn't help very much. I however woke up in a fantastic mood this morning and saw it as a break in the clouds, so I took it upon myself to go to San Luis Obispo. I took a nice leisurely drive up the coast not too sunny not too cold the weather was just right for a road trip. For those of you not familiar with San Luis Obispo California it's about 45 minutes north of where I live in Santa Maria California. It's a little town college town home of Cal Poly and it's actually a really nice area but far too expensive to live but they have some great stores.
In SLO now
At Larrabee Sound Studios for the Release event for Audeze MM500 Headphones, a Fantastic new experience in audio equipment.

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