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We are officially a super cool magazine and so legit, we got the money man ! Ok it's Saturday, time to make a positive mark. 
So far, everyone "likes" our Charity project to support music education and give scholarships and instruments to kids, but nobody has donated,  so far we have raised 700.00, that's 3 1/2 scholarships, We need to do better! 
If you really like what we are doing, go to and make a donation, every bit helps.

Be part of the solution!

Once you donate, tag yourself in this photo so the kids can thank you. This beautiful trumpet came in today as a donation for our Charity program Let's make this a great Sunday, I have told all of you about my magazine's charity project, so, if you can, go to and make a donation to our children's music education project. 100% goes to music scholarships. Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let's start Scholarship Sunday !

After you make a donation, tell a friend to do the same! Get everyone involved and make this a special holiday for all the kids we try to help. HeartBeat4Kids Charity Project update.

Got these in today, generous donation from Paradise Trading Post,  now to repair and get them ready for new home with a kid that will love them.

Find out how to help at  and make cash donation for music scholarships at Think of the number 5

In 5 minutes you can change the life of 5 people, in that same 5 minutes you can insure a deserving child can get their 1st musical instrument,  their first music lesson, their fist chance at making something wonderful in music.

You have, right now, at least 5 friends that agree with our cause,  but don't know about us,  tell them and set the example.

Go to  and donate at least 5.00 to our HeartBeat4Kids Music Education fundraiser, and get 5 of your friends to do the same, have each one of them to tell 5 friends, and so on.

100% of charity proceeds go to the kids and build in these kids a self confidence that they will share with people for the rest of their lives. 
The Best 5 minutes you will spend today Phenomenal fantastic day, our Santa Maria Sun interview published today! Will be available online to read at tomorrow.

Paradise Trading Post and World's Best Thrift Store both signed up to sponsor and will donate SEVERAL  instruments including Pianos!

We need your support and donations,  go to to find out how! Please visit our Facebook Fundraiser page, make a donation, support our goal and share with everyone, the more the better!

Want to donate an instrument? Contact us at Received this French Horn as a donation to our program from Mr. Bennett from Owens Music in Santa Maria, CA for our Heartbeat 4 Kids charity project. 
Beautiful condition, and we get to give this to a kid that will love it, thank you Mr.Bennett ! We are at Paradise Trading Post in Or city, CA.  Come down and get a Car or other sheaf and make a donation to our HeartBeat4Kids charity project, all donations go to music scholarships. 
Will be here until 4pm or until stuff runs out

#paradisetradingpost #onewayboardshop  #heartbeat4kids #fundraiser #orcutt #santamaria Challenge !

As you know, our Heartbeat 4 Kids charity is running, this is our way of helping kids and funding music education.

I would like to know that my friends support  music education and our efforts. 
So here is my challenge to you !

Yesterday,  we raised 700.00 as well as had several  instrument donation call in.

Let's See if we can make or break that goal!

Everyone that reads this go to 
and make a 5 or 10 $ donation, you will be entered to win a prize package of a T-shirt,  CDs, stickers and assorted goodies provided by the bands and sponsors supporting our goal.

We have 50 prize packages for today, we need your help to make this year's event spectacular.

And just so you know, donations provided are for providing music lessons and educational grants, so your donation goes directly to a needy child. Our community project needs support, share, donate, tell everyone #indiestockfest Devil in the mix ! A former executive of Casablanca records came by and talked to her magazine and gave us a free ticket to give away so if you're in the area come on down we might have a free ticket for you Hey, our banner logo !
#indiestock #indiestockfest Lounging @bobbyrequest Gates open soon, get here