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New Music from Fred Hostetler ‘Shelter from the Storm’ written, produced, and performed by Fred Hostetler is a tale about the mysterious, rage-full yet beautiful duality of mother nature, the other side, when mother gets angry. Fred Hostetler , a humble and extensively talented artist says about this track: “In the year 2019 Nature’s fury left countless people homeless, destroying crops and lives. Farmers standing in flooded fields filled my mind; farmers facing drought haunted me. Then came tornadoes flattening everything in their path with images of people running for their lives from flooding, wind, and flying debris. What is left after facing the storms of life? Caught in the wake of this misery, where do we go for shelter from the storm?”. Fred Hostetler:
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wildcrafter organic coffee Going to give it a try, interesting idea.
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IndiePulse Reviews Gentleman's Box, a monthly style accessory service, offering curated products to suit the personal style of a modern gentleman. More at #gentlemansbox #indiepulsemusic #style #mensfashion
The latest environment enhancement device from Moodo, the MoodoGo, designed for your car..but great for your home or office, MoodoGo, on the go, wherever you go, so Go Moodo! #moodogo Visit for more info.
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Just did our un-boxing and video review of the #drinkworks home bar system by Keurig and it is AWESOME!! Learn more at Drink responsibly!
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IndiePulse got in the Drinkworks Home Bar for a Review and Unboxing Video, this weekend will be a blast!

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