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Ok it's Saturday, time to make a positive mark. 
So far, everyone "likes" our Charity project to support music education and give scholarships and instruments to kids, but nobody has donated,  so far we have raised 700.00, that's 3 1/2 scholarships, We need to do better! 
If you really like what we are doing, go to and make a donation, every bit helps.

Be part of the solution!

Once you donate, tag yourself in this photo so the kids can thank you. This beautiful trumpet came in today as a donation for our Charity program Let's make this a great Sunday, I have told all of you about my magazine's charity project, so, if you can, go to and make a donation to our children's music education project. 100% goes to music scholarships. Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let's start Scholarship Sunday !

After you make a donation, tell a friend to do the same! Get everyone involved and make this a special holiday for all the kids we try to help.

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