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“One Love Fits All” by Dawn Rix

Dawn Rix is having a busy 2020. Her two singles “One Love Fits All” and “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You” are both empowering songs. Rix, is a Christian County artist, yes, but she’s more than meets the eye. Don’t let the labels fool you – her depth and her talents cross many boundaries. Dazzling her listener with a collage of sounds – these two very different singles paste together a painting of a newer artist leaving her musical footprint.

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Dipping her toes into a bit of the sound we’ve come to known from such icons as Shania Twain, Faith Hill and even Barbara Mandrel, Rix’ beautiful presence in “One Love Fits All” carries its own torch. Rix, who is originally from West Virginia, sings ‘what ifs’ in the song. Written by Sandy Ramos, Corey Lee Barker and Melissa Leigh, Rix’s Nashville-tapped song is a perfect outing for her voice. How many have to fall before we make this world where one love fits all, she sings in the chorus. The music bed is rippled with electric guitar riffs, whispers of piano keys and an overall cozy sound. At the song’s bridge, the guitar lets go faster and louder. It’s the one time that Rix’s voice isn’t the magnetic force. She weaves in-and-out of the music bed seamlessly. Frankly, there were times when I had to remember that there was actually instrumentation. I was transfixed on her voice.

The same can be said for “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You”. A looser tone, a more laid back vibe, this track really resembles what you might hear on the AC Top 40, and certainly hot country tracks. The violin and the piano are more prevalent, and there’s a pizzazz to the piano. It’s more of a honky tonk; I wanted to dance a little faster this time around. But just because I like getting dolled up, don’t let the makeup fool you, she sings. She unmasks more of her personality in this one – that spunk. I can see through pickup lines, she sings. What really struck me in this particular song is the pace of the backing music, against her voice. In “Love Fits All” she seems like she sets the timing, but in “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You” she’s more than keeping up with the backing band it’s a very tight sound.

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Both songs have a lasting message. In “One Love Fits All” we need to do better, we need to lift each other up instead of bullying, be kind. Her anthem for independence and to never judge a book by a cover in “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You” feels like it’s on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of lyrics, but Rix doesn’t skip a beat. I’m undecided which one is my favorite of the two – they are both prime time ready. Both songs could easily be on the morning playlist – face the day and all its challenges. Rix’s voice has the power to elevate anyone’s mood.

Mindy McCall



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