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IndiePulse Music Magazine is Publishing it’s Full Color, Zine Format Publication that will be available at Record Stores, Cafe’s / Coffee Shops and Bookstores From New York to California and by Mail Order Subscription!

IPM Jornal wil be your resources for Music News, Reviews and Interviews, corresponding with the Online IndiePulse Music Magazine. Published twice per month, the IPM Jornal will also include free music download codes and a monthly special gift for mail subscribers.

The IPM Journal will start publishing March 1st of 2018, Click link Below to Subscribe Now, get the IPM Journal in Full Color mailed to your home for 50.00 per year,

Mail Order Subscriptions will include:

  • Published Journal
  • Free Download Codes from our Interviewed Artists via our Bandcamp Portal
  • Monthly Free Gift or either an exclusive 45rpm Flexi-Disc or 5 song CD
  • Stickers and other Free Items ( When Available)



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Back Issues – This Feature will be Available as of April 5th, 2018


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