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Jimmy at the Prom – Time to learn something new

Jimmy at the Prom

45RPM on Red Vinyl available at http://www.jimmyattheprom.com

Download Album and Songs at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jimmy-the-prom/id456120133

Music Review by Joseph Timmons

jimmyattheprom_01I get several submissions per week to review, some good, some barely tolerable but all the reviews I have done have some merit and some qualities that somebody, somewhere will like. I may, in my honest and humble opinion, may have become jaded, thinking I have heard everything and know what any artist may be attempting to do in their musical endeavors, I don’t think I have become one of those jaded critics that feel a bands success rides on the direction of my mood, but hey, anything is possible.

I can happily announce that I have had my head trounced and my ego blown away, for the good of all music kind.

Jimmy at the Prom would appear to be the best of the new era music artists I have come across in most recent years. The band, from my research has been touted as being either Hard Rock or Punk, and even by the artwork on their website, one would first think of them as just another bunch of angry guys making their instruments write in torment on the stage. Their sound is clean and progressive; blending well arranged and composed sound with vocal harmonies and change-ups that keep you moving with the beat. Their vocalist has a rich vocal timber that is not stretched or forced, with great range and an almost hypnotic resonance. The group has a “well-rehearsed” sound, but not over played. I use the term progressive in the sense that Jimmy at the Prom has a sound that changes as you listen to it, making use of tempo changes and textural combinations that send a message that is compatible with the vocalist’s words.


Jimmy at the Prom has the production skills of Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper and have set themselves up for success by looking at the quality of production at primary, but not at the sake of the music’s originality and creativity. Jimmy at the Prom is, in my opinion – un-definable, I could not really place them in a category. I would say they are truly unique and would be appreciated by any music lover that has an open mind.

Jimmy at the Prom does have a bit of mystery about them as well, they are well known in their local music scene, have played with other great acts and have had many great reviews, but not many interviews or “quotes” that could be found. I had the pleasure of contacting their PR people Public Relation Divas to get their 45RPM Single titled Escape, with the B-Side Fist of Doom, which was just as great a sound (if not better) than I expected, don’t get me wrong, digital music is great, but the Vinyl is AWESOME, and I am going to contact them back to see if I can get an interview with a band that I believe will be a major force in the Progressive Music field.

Go to their site, get some tracks, get Schooled by Jimmy at the Prom, you will love it!

Jimmy at the Prom | Jimmy @ the Prom




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1 Comment on Jimmy at the Prom – Time to learn something new

  1. Dear Author,

    You should try and look into the bassists' side project's. One of them is called The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken. 4-6 musicians have been getting together for the past 15 years and playing every Tuesday under the above moniker. Every show is different and every show is improv. They never play the same thing. Most shows would be defined as Jazz Fusion with Chris Vos from Invade Rome (Freshwater Collins) and Aaron Gardner (ULU) and Matt Turner ( Bodeans, Tristan Royalty Sqauad, De La Buena, The Westfall) and also Jeremy Kuzniar ( Kings go Forth) being the main quartet. It is a little known gem at the Jazz Estate every Tuesday in Milwaukee. Many go, few forget !!! The musicians in this band do no have a genre because a genre wouldn't stick to them. They are so talented and able to play anything before them with such complexity and grace, it is amazing that it has taken this long to be found.

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