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The Edit: A Music Service on the Digital Divide for Longevity of Vinyl Collecting

Service Review Article by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

So, how many of you are on your phones more than you would admit, possibly on your phone now, reading this article, don’t worry we are not in the NSFW venue, I just mean that due to the overwhelming amount of Digital Devices in the world, the Downloading of Music is everywhere, as well as the means of communication, social networking and selling. If you, like myself are a techno-geek as well as an audiophile, you have seen, used or are using one or more of a ton of app or services to find and procure items for your collections. Well what if you had access to a network of similar minded people, just a text message away that could help you build a great collection for very little with very little effort, where a simple “Yes” or “No” response could be a way to find any album you want?


I would like to introduce you to THE EDIT, at you sign up with your phone number, that’s it, nothing else, once you fill out your info you receive one, and only one text a day with an offer to sell you a record, if you like it, Just reply YES to the album you want. Similarly it is most likely they don’t know enough to send you what you’ll love. Just reply LIKE and DISLIKE to the texts you receive, and they will start to tailor what to send to your tastes. You can cancel at any time. The first time you reply YES to an album, they will ask you to provide your credit card information through Stripe, their secure payment provider. From then on, they use that payment info. They NEVER ask for payment information in a text message.


I got to work with Melissa Monosmith from THE EDIT on this article to get the insight on this great new service.

IPM: How did your company get started on THE EDIT?

“We are a small team of Vinyl lovers who also happen to be developers. We created The Edit while looking for a new, easy way to buy vinyl that would complement our shopping at our local record stores.”

IPM: What was the concept motivation, with so many music services starting up, how did you get connected to the right industry people?

“With so many amazing artists and albums to choose from, we wanted to simplify the “selection process” of getting new vinyl when we couldn’t get to our favorite record store. Our vinyl selection process is driven by our personalization engine (or if you want to get techie, we have machine learning algorithms written by our resident Phd), which based on how you interact with the system, will pick and album tailored specifically for you. And of course you can text us an album or artist at any time and we’ll track it down and send it to you. It’s really cool technology for an amazingly cool use!”

IPM: What is your average consumer type, young music enthusiasts, collectors, other record stores?

“Our customers run the range of vinyl enthusiasts. It’s awesome getting feedback from vinyl collectors telling us how much they like the service, to users who are new to vinyl and experiencing it for the first time.”

IPM: How do you stock, with such a wide variety of music available, do you warehouse yourself or use other select services?

“We are a partner with a distributor that has A LOT of albums!”

IPM: With your order model being primarily via text, how do you keep track?

“We’ve built our own systems that work with our distributor to manage inventory stocking levels and availability.”

IPM: What are all the online links for your service?

“Our main site is From the site you can just enter in your phone number and get going. Also, since we are a text based service, you can text START to 73770. We also have our Facebook , Twitter, Instagram pages. Our Facebook page is really fun”

IPM: What other service plans are coming, will you expand to additional ordering models

“Right now we’re focused on making sure our customers get the best vinyl purchasing experience possible!”

IPM: What should our customers know about your company that is like no other?

“We believe we’re the only service that delivers daily vinyl picks that are specifically tailored to your tastes. Some quotes from our customers:

“Get this away from me! I’ll be broke living in the streets with this thing.”

“I subscribed to this. Yeah. Dangerous.”

“Awesome!! Thanks you guys rock keep up the good work”

“Every pick amazing you rock!!!

“Hey.. Just wanted to say that I love the service you provide…thanks and keep it up!”

“It’s just a crazy visceral experience doing it this way. It’s a perfect fit for vinyl.”


I myself have been using the service and I have to say it is really just that easy, in addition, completely safe, secure and a “no hassle” way to shop for music in moments. In fact, I would like you to check out THE EDIT and come back to IndiePulse Music and leave some genuine comments here, help us help THE EDIT let their other future customers know just how great the service is.



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