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DIIV[E] Under the Sun

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The American indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY, DIIV, have released their track, “Under the Sun,” off of their forthcoming album, Is The Is Are, following their previously released tracks “Dopamine,” “Bent (Roi’s Song),” and “Mire (Grant’s Song).” Is The Is Are will drop Feb. 5 through Captured Tracks.

“Under the Sun” is about struggling with vices and finding purpose, according to founder of DIIV, Zachary Cole Smith. The song begins and ends with the exact rhythm and melody: high-pitch harmonic guitar strums, fast-paced beats, background tambourines: a reminiscent beat to The Cure’s song, “Just Like Heaven.”

“My life wasn’t all drugs and addiction, rehab/relapse, and sickness,” he writes. “I also met and fell in love with someone.” Read the whole note here.

Listen to their first record, Oshin, below, which took many struggles to finish and was highly-anticipated (and succeeded in quality).

DIIV also just released their international tour dates for…

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