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Exclusive Indie Pulse Music Magazine Interview – By Joseph Timmons

It is rare, that a band that is so young, not only in age, but in career, have an opportunity to tour the world, but even more rare that they do so as emissaries of their nation. ACIDIC has, since day one, has thrilled the masses with powerful music and an infectious energy lasting well past the show. We have just connected with Mike Gossard, the golden voice of ACIDIC and did a Q&A with our travelling Troubadours of Rock.


IPM: What were a few of the band’s favorite shows during the tour, and why? 

MG: My main takeaway from the experience was how similar people are. While cultures may differ and practices and ways of life differ, the basic human condition is a constant.

IPM: What were a few of the band’s favorite shows during the tour, and why? 

MG: My two favorite shows were in Minsk and Tbilisi.

  • Minsk: We played a rock club called Republic. The venue was packed with Belarusian kids who wanted to rock, and did so.
  • Tbilisi: We played a United Nations Asylum Seeker Center and got to have a dialogue, and play for, people who had been forced out of their native countries due to conflict and other reasons. It was inspiring to hear their stories and play for them.

IPM: As an actual “Cultural Ambassador” representing the U.S., did it change the way the guys in the band acted on a day-to-day basis?

MG: We were a band practicing cultural diplomacy, not official ambassadors. It was a great experience for us. I personally put on my best face so as to represent America well. Mostly, we were told to be ourselves and that this would be enough.


IPM: To the best of your knowledge, do you think bands can make a decent living playing music in some of the countries you visited?

MG: That is a question I cannot answer with 100% surety. I think the odds are about the same as here. It can be easy or difficult depending on so many different factors. I will say, there do seem to be more recording studios in the U.S. than some Eastern European nations.

IPM: How were the foreign crowds from the tour, in terms of audience awareness and courteousness, compared to those in the United States? 

MG: The crowds often started off subdued, but once the ice was broken, they let loose like a firestorm. The audiences were great! I would say that they ran the gamut from very polite to very excited. The written reviews we got from the kids we played for consistently featured three key words: “Unity”, “Freedom”, and “Friendship”. 

IPM: Here’s a subject we all love, food. How was the cuisine during the tour?

MG: For the most part the food was dominated by meat and potatoes in the countries we visited. The food was great everywhere. In many of these countries, they had a signature dish that we would sample and enjoy. Draniki (potato pancake) was a big deal in Belarus.


IPM: Would ACIDIC be willing to partake of another “American Music Abroad” tour if the U.S. State Department asked them?

MG: We are auditioning again for American Music Abroad. If we are selected, we will definitely go again!

IPM: Favorite souvenir you each brought home?

MG: I brought back a charming little hand-crafted nesting doll from Belarus that I am very happy with. I focused on buying artwork. And from Latvia, a sample of Baltic Amber for my mom. 

IPM: Anyone fall in love while on the tour?

MG: Oh, I’m sure. But we won’t kiss ‘n’ tell! (laughs).

IPM: Parting thoughts?

MG: We journeyed to some countries that we didn’t perceive as friendly to the United States. What we found was that everyone was gracious and open. The people in these countries are just like you and me. They all want happiness, safety, security, and success. We encountered nothing but amazing people with interesting cultural heritage and the main point I want to stress is that it is possible for everyone to get along. I was also impressed by just how attentive the rest of the world is to the U.S. political process, I didn’t see that one coming.




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