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Zach Zoya’s Video for “Superficial” is Midnight Melancholy at it’s Best

Montreal-based RnB/Hip-hop artist Zach Zoya recently debuted the music video for his mournful single “Superficial”, injecting some major nighttime vibes to a song already rich with substance. With the video, Zoya shows his eye for visuals is just as good as his ear for beats.

In the music video, Zach Zoya wanders the evening streets of Montreal in a seemingly aimless fashion, unconcerned with where he is, focusing instead on the sadness and regret he feels over the girl who sees through his lack of substance. Gazing into the distance, Zoya appears to contemplate what could have been, if only his love interest was swayed by his material possessions. This potent feeling of “what if” is displayed throughout, as Zack switched from place to place, seemingly unable to escape this feeling no matter where he goes.

These midnight visuals are the perfect companion to “Superficial”, painting the pitch-black skies with it’s brilliant synths as Zoya stumbles along with the drunken, saturated bass. The cinematic quality of the visuals adds a sense of grandeur, juxtaposed expertly with the intimate subject matter of the song. The focus is all on Zoya, almost crooning in front of the camera, the emotion in his words embodied perfectly in his dejected, languid body language. All these elements culminate in an expertly crafted body of work, giving the impression that Zach Zoya has a command of his craft.

With the video for “Superficial”, Zach Zoya comes off as an artist with a clear vision. He knows what he wants, and knows what it takes to realize it. At the early age of 19, he’s already crafting well-told stories, and executing them effectively. If “Superficial” is any indication of the quality of content to come from Zoya, it’s only a matter of time before he blows up.

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Check out the video below:



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