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IndiePulse Interviews Country-Pop Superstar Eileen Carey

Country-Pop Superstar Eileen Carey Set to Open for Raelyn Nelson at The Famous Whiskey A Go-Go July 6th, 2018

Singer/Songwriter Country Legend, Eileen Carey will share the stage with Raelyn Nelson, (granddaughter of Willie Nelson) at the famous Whiskey A Go-Go on The Sunset Strip on July 6, 2018, at 9:15pm. Eileen Carey is promoting her latest single “That Town”, a theme song for all of her restless dreamer fans, which has already received lots of traction on all of the current country stations. Multi-award winning, charting Country Pop artist Eileen Carey plays a complete set of her hits, with her full band!


Eileen Carey is kicking off her tour in Southern California, at the Hollywood, Whiskey A Go-Go – Friday, July 6th, 9:15pm, is sharing the stage with Raelyn Nelson. Other local shows in July include: Pasadena – The Rose, Saturday, July 14, 7pm, opening for Rita Coolidge. and closes the July schedule at the Orange County Fair, at the Hanger Stage on Saturday July 28, at 12:30 pm.

Singer, songwriter Eileen Carey is a one of a kind pop/country/rock troubadour, she knows what it takes to be a strong independent woman in today’s music industry. She sees no fear, with her upbeat positive lyrical message, teaching us how to navigate all of life’s hurdles, and especially how to be a winning Mom.


Eileen Carey’s amazing journey has led her fans on a bold musical path; each song is filled with a sexy, sultry message of sisterhood and permission to be you. With so many sold out shows, Eileen Carey’s music transcends the average country pop music fan into a world of unbridled versatility and empowerment.

IndiePulse Music Magazine had a chance to interview Eileen about her life, career and her music, this interview reveals everything and just reinforces her title as a Country-Pop Superstar.

IPM: Eileen, your list of accomplishments is amazing and awe-inspiring, but, what started it all, where did it begin?

I always had an interest in music growing up in Cleveland, played drums at 13. Did school and community theater as well. But, my real career in music started when I was booking entertainment for the Sheraton Hotel organization here in Southern California. I began to realize that I could write and sing as well as the performers I was booking, so I decided to take the chance. There were a number of early radio successes with the old version of “That Town” and my cover of Patsy Cline’s Walkin’ After Midnight. Both singles convinced me that I had something to offer the world as a singer and songwriter.

IPM: Was it a hard start, the music industry is not very kind to “The Fairer Sex” I would assume that a woman with your talents would have hit many roadblocks?

No it is not! But, in life you can’t let others stop you from reaching out and working toward your dreams. My music is all about that. I try to make people see their lives in a different way. The glass half full versus half empty. All my career I have supported women’s movements and self-esteem growth organizations. Songs like Faith, Out With The Girls, Bottle Your Crazy Up and Good Bad Girl are examples of my views. But, having said that I also have put up separate Facebook Page for women’s radio groups.

IPM: Where was your first big stage appearance?

I play fairs and festivals so there have been a lot of big crowds and big shows but probably the biggest was at BB Kings, Universal City, CA, March of 2004. I also consider my first show at the Bluebird Café in Nashville back then a “first big show.” The Bluebird is great because you get to share the stage with some of country music’s greatest songwriters. People like Hal Ketchum.

IPM: Who were your inspirations?

I am inspired by many people and influenced by everybody from Keith Urban to Bruno Mars; from Chrissie Hynde to the Beatles. I like Katy Perry, Martha McBride. Movies inspire me, as does great people in any area of life. I create my music and lyrics from what I see all around me. Pop music was my first influence. Radio! People like Sheryl Crow, Martha Davis. Country music came when I won a fan vote for best track for the Patsy Cline’s Walkin’ After Midnight over Martina McBride. That single of the Patsy Cline song won so many people in Nashville to my music, that it seemed only right to go Country.

IPM: Your upcoming tour is a big one, playing with some big names in the Country Music scene, may we ask who else you have shared the stage with?

I am hugely looking forward to these next two shows. Opening for Rita Coolidge at the Rose is very cool! My longtime lead guitarist and music director John “Groover” McDuffie has been Rita’s as well. And at the Whiskey (July 6th9:15pm), I am sharing the stage with Willie Nelson’s granddaughter’s act, The Raelyn Nelson Band. What can be bad about that?I’ve been doing this for some time now, so I have shared the stage with many people in my career, but over the past couple years I’ve been opening for classic artists such as Johnny Rivers, Peter Noone; folks like Englishmen Jack Broadbent, Nelson, Tal Bachman, Carl Verheyen of SuperTramp…sharing the stage with the Starship in August.


IPM: We see that you are balancing your career with your parenting, can you tell us how you have been able to make both work, and how you have done so well in supporting others that raise their families, referring to your work with “Take Me To Your Mother” and “The Music Mom”?

With great difficulty (lol)! Children are one of the great parts of life. That is why I started the music mom site. To be available to, and share my experience with music artists who are trying to be parents as well.  Been fortunate enough to not have to raise my children alone. But I am sure single parents have added challenges as well.I like to throw ideas and information out there to those who are dealing with career and children.

IPM: All artists have had to make sacrifices for their art, all parents have made sacrifices for their families, what have you had to give up to make each work, and is that where you gain your strength?

That is a hard question to answer. Sacrifice is such a relative thing. I have been very fortunate in life and know that I have been; that is why I try to give back as much as I can. Over the years I have played various fundraisers for causes I believe in. I have produced a number as well. Homeless causes, and also animal rescue causes. Played a number of years straight at the Annual Venice Beach Summerfest for the Homeless. In 2014, along with FixNation and actress Morgan Fairchild, I produced and performed at fundraiser called Whiskers in the Moonlight, for the rescue work of a number of local animal rescue and care organizations. My husband and I are extremely active in the rescue community.

IPM: Tell us about being part of and winning The Los Angeles Music Award’s Female Country Artist of 2017, and of the other Honors you have mastered.

It is a great honor to win awards. It helps me to grow in my craft and shows me that I am on the right path. I have been fortunate that people have appreciated my music’ from the beginning. Certainly doesn’t hurt when you are navigating through those early years. This last Los Angeles Music Award I have received is the 4th in my career. I won a couple for my Movin On album in 2009-10. The past couple years has been gratifying for sure.

IPM: Let’s talk about the Music, how do you see your style in Music and Lyric Composition?

Country Pop.  I write little 3 – 3 ½ minute movies in sound. My style, whether people call my music Country, Country-Pop, Adult Contemporary or Top 40 Pop has always been up tempo, melodic and positive; and pushing the envelope of all the genres that I have been identified with. I have been charting cross genre for years now. Hard work and respect for the song. The Pop side of me is very positive, while the Country side needs to tell stories. I am a storyteller at heart. Actually came to Hollywood to make films, but music has always been my leaning in life, played drums at 13. Just like I urge folks in my songs if you want something you have to go for it! Own it!

IPM: Tell us about your albums, and the New Music coming out.

Well, I just released my 3rd straight single since my last album release in 2014, called Let It Go, which was also the first single off that CD. I have been releasing new music through the singles market these days because people buy what they want from a download. Most people only purchase the single anyway. I will tell you more about my current single “That Town.” My co-writers on “That Town” are Marta Woodhull, Paul Masvidal, John Phillip Shenale and Travis Allen. Travis, my longtime producer, also produced the single. The song is about courage and a wanderlust for a larger life. It’s about the wisdom and drive to leave the nest. It is about walking through your fear to accomplish your dreams. It is about growing.

IPM: Tell us about your Fans, what is it like at one of your shows?

I have been blessed with the greatest fans an artist can have! I am very close with my fans. We are friends, and I just happen to have a lot of them. My fans work hard, play hard and I think this quote from my cover story in the Pasadena Weekly by its Arts & Entertainment Editor Carl Kozlowski does paint a pretty accurate picture of a show I did at the Rose in Pasadena, California last year.  Jan.19 at The Rose nightclub in Pasadena appeared to draw far more fans than Bachman himself managed to attract, with the crowd of about 200 loudly roaring their approval in multiple standing ovations.

IPM: Do you ever still get a bit nervous on stage?

Sometimes just before I hit the stage I get what is called “butterflies,” but I consider them good butterflies. Makes me focus. Once I am up there on that stage though, I am at home.

IPM: Any wild stories from the road, odd situations or “too weird to make up” tales?

That is easy! Being on “the road” is a wild story! I am pretty simple. I enjoy a good time as much as anybody, but being a mom and married and into things like kickboxing I am pretty sober so to speak. Having said that there was one year that I got pulled off the stage mid set at Rippy’s in Nashville during CRS. At first we couldn’t understand it, but they quickly informed us that Nashville was directly in the path of a coming tornado, while shoveling us and the patrons to an underground garage. Fortunately it just missed us and no one was hurt, but it made the rest of my set anti-climatic. A tornado is a hard act to follow. Later that year the band and I left the stage in Venice Beach California, where we headlined the Venice Beach Summer Fest for the Homeless, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation,15 minutes before lightning struck the beach directly in front of that stage, hurting a number of people and causing considerable damage.

IPM: Have you ever wondered if there was a young woman out there that looked up at you and said “I want to be like her someday, How would that make you feel and what would you say to that girl”?

I hope there are some young women, and men as well, out there that are inspired by my music. When I hear from folks on tour or on social media that they have been moved by my message of positive keep your chin up enjoy your journey point of view, it makes it all worthwhile. That is also true of my Music Mom Blog. Go for your dreams! I repeat that often to people who ask me that question.

IPM: After the tours, what’s next for you, any new albums, or maybe more involvement in other forms of entertainment?

Working on two more tracks for single release. My producer Travis Allen is moving to Nashville, so I guess I will be spending more time there. Working on my new music video for my current single “That Town.”  As I mentioned before I have some great shows coming up with the Raelyn Nelson Band, and then Rita Coolidge, July 6 and 14, respectively. Raelyn is Willie Nelson’s granddaughter.

IPM: What would you like our readers to take away from this interview, what insights into your life as a Musician and in the ideals of your vision of Country Music?

Country music is about the story, about real people and real things. Everyday things. That is what drew me to it. The Blues is like that as well, but country music is also about the melody. What I would like people to take away from this interview and in general, is what my music is about, follow your dreams, create the life you want, give it your all and then share the rewards.

Carey has been successfully competing with the top radio artists for years now, with a huge global fan base, her amazing journey has bought her music all over the world, including countries like; England, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. Her last single “Good Bad Girl” topped every New Music Weekly Chart, from Country to Top 40, Internet to Indie in all categories.

Just on the heels of a smash recent performance at Slider House in Nashville, and BB King’s, Sync Summit Showcase, and CDX Radio performance, as well as past performances at the Bluebird Cafe, Rippy’s, Honky Tonk Central and Tootsies, and she regularly plays those places for both the CMA Fest and the Country Radio Seminar. With her powerhouse vocal chops, Eileen Carey is a force to be reckoned with.

Upcoming Performance Schedule:  

  • July  6 – Fri. – 9:15 PM   @ Whiskey GO GO Hollywood CA, Opening up for Raelyn Nelson (Willie Nelson Granddaughter).
  • July 14 – Sat. 7:00 pm @ The Rose Pasadena CA Opening up for Rita Coolidge.
  • July 28 – Sat. 12:30 PM  @ OC Fair Orange County CA.
  • August  18 – Sat. 7:00 PM @ The Rose Pasadena CA  Opening up for Jefferson Starship.



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