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Mark Ambuter release new single “Love Is Everywhere”


As the worldwide impact of Mark Ambuter’s last few singles proves, it’s never too late to realize that music can be our salvation – and even lead someone healing from a broken heart to declare, as he does on his latest anthem, that “Love is Everywhere.”

In Review: Love Is Everywhereis the musical score of  loving and tender heart, filled with hope for a brighter future, and words that come from a life lived in search of the eternal wisdom that seems to elude us all. Mark Ambuter has captured in this track a sound that is singularly unique, yet is reminiscent of the classic masters as Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin, and the artists that asked us to look within for the empathy to create a more peaceful world.

Emerging at the perfect moment for a broken, divided world in need, the jangling sitar and flute tinged singalong reminds us that, in spite of everything, “All is Beautiful/And love is everywhere/And friends can be found/So we go on…” The track is the SoCal based pop/rock singer/songwriter’s fourth to be helmed by legendary engineer/producer Stuart Epps, whose decades-long resume includes work with Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, George Harrison, Bad Company, Bill Wyman and Elton John. “Love Is Everywhere” is currently the #1 Most Requested Track on after a long stretch in the Top Ten.

Ambuter’s previous tracks, including the Epps-produced “You Make Everything Alright,” “Get Out While You Can” and “When It’s Right Now With You,” have made him a true sensation at global radio. His airplay success with ReverbNation and Last FM have earned him fans everywhere from The Netherlands to Brazil and India. His tracks have been streamed over 550,000 times and he recently hit #1 globally on More radio stations are picking up his music every day, and his Spotify demographics show that he’s resonating primarily with young fans from 16-22 and 22-27.

“I get so much love from fans,” the singer says, “and that’s such a great blessing. It is unbelievable that I could take my music to a higher place than I had in my music career when I was in my 20s and playing in punkish bands like The Clints on Sunset Strip. I’ve never written a song with the intention of saving anyone. I have no way of knowing how my lyrics will affect my listeners. It’s a scary but wonderful thing when I get mail from young fans telling me my music has helped them through some very dark times. One teenage girl asked me how I give so much of myself through my music. I wrote back telling her I’ve been to hell and back in my life and write from my own experience.”

Ambuter was in that kind of dark place in 2010, after the back to back sudden passing of the love of his life and best friend of 40 years. “I hit bottom and had nowhere and no one left alive to turn to,” he says. “I had started to listen to my older music to distract myself from the events that left me feeling completely powerless. It really helped to remember who I was and what talents I possessed.” After burying his sorrows in music for a time, he posted a mix of older songs and newer home recordings to ReverbNation; within a few weeks, they were in the site’s Top Ten. Ambuter subsequently entered his songs in a ReverbNation contest whose prize was a remix or remaster with Stuart Epps. The singer didn’t win but he scored something better – a Facebook post from the producer telling him he would love to produce him.

“Stuart heard my demo for ‘You Make Everything Alright’ and told me he hadn’t heard a pop song of that quality for years,” Ambuter says. “It reminded him of the kind of pop/rock he made back in the day. I had started getting attention from some of the older songs I posted, but I knew to keep the momentum going, I had to start writing new material. ‘Love is Everywhere’ started as an older song with a different title. The version everyone is hearing incorporates elements from my original track with new material from me and Stuart’s impeccable production. The world can be an ugly place, but I’m saying if you’ve got friends and look beyond your circumstances you will see love around you and a reason to carry on.”

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