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Mario Ferrini “Missing You”

A sharply resonating acoustic guitar. Brittle lead vocals that bind a bassline with a fiery drumbeat. Magnetizing melodies unleashed with an utter pendulousness. The frustration of yearning for someone who isn’t standing in front of us in this very moment. Mario Ferrini, with Frink n Chic & Nathan Brumley at his side, takes us on a journey beset with heartache, optimism and undying passion in his new single “Missing You,” and it doesn’t take much more than a casual examination of its first few bars to appreciate the emotive nucleus that this track boasts with pride. The instrumentation wastes no time in sweeping us right off of our feet, but in the next few minutes soon to follow, guitar-led grooves and devastatingly handsome percussive pulsations are only responsible for only a fraction of the chills in this song.

As we wander the dreamscape of verses that make-up the opening portion of the single, it’s hard to stay focused on one component in “Missing You” over another. It never gets so overwhelming that we lose sight of the underlying hook that ties the chorus to the first stanza, but there is a brief moment where the minimalistic intensity builds so much pressure that it feels like the entire track is going to explode like a soda bottle that’s just been shaken up. The master mix aids in reducing the chaos in the transition from one line to the next, but we never completely escape the smothering tonality of the bass, which lingers in the air around us well into the fever pitch of the single.

The chorus shines brighter than the hot summer sun and features a sublimely surreal cessation in the instrumentation that makes it possible for the vocal to come totally undone, leading to a cathartic push into the breakdown that is rousing regardless of how many times you’ve listened to the song. “Missing You” is designed in the same way that a movement in a symphony would be; Ferrini doesn’t deliver all of the goods to us at once, instead choosing to drag out the tension in the bass, thus maximizing the reach of the acoustic melody that it cushions so flawlessly. He’s one of the most provocative table-titans of his scene, and he gives us everything that he’s got in this testament to his talents.

“Missing You” concludes abruptly, retreating into the darkness even faster than it first emerged, but it doesn’t leave any loose ends at the completion of its ethereal sonic adventure. I’ve been following Mario Ferrini for a minute now, and while I assumed that I was going to enjoy what he came up with in this collaboration with Frik n Chic & Nathan Brumley, I didn’t think that I was going to be treated to the eccentrically addictive content that I ultimately was here. If this is a fair sampling of what Ferrini is planning on doing with his music once the 2020s come into focus, then I can’t see his momentum slowing down anytime soon. Put simply, he’s making a powerful brand of pop music that I would deem a worthwhile acquisition for any hardcore enthusiast in “Missing You.”

Mindy McCall

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