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New Music Spotlight: “Beyond Beyond” by Lightning Hunter

Lightning Hunter is a side project of Charles Scandura form the New York based band
Negativehate. The album is being released for free, as are the airwaves that vibrate in the tones conveyed therein. The songs are offerings to anyone curious enough to listen. If you have an aversion to those paths well worn by the feet of the masses, then perhaps Lightning Hunter might interest you. Lightning Hunter’s debut release ‘Beyond Beyond’ is a musical expression forged in the heat of sheer musical passion. The only driving force behind its creation is a love for music and respect for fellow musicians on their concurrent paths.

Lightning Hunters music is available for previewing and pay what you want download at Bandcamp.

In a microcosmic flash, we are born. Before the light falls, we return to the eternal nebulous mist from which we formed. In that infinitesimal span, we create a record through memories, images, and sound, of the life we lived. Here is evidence of that experience formed in the ephemeral embers of time-pressed against the folds of the written word, bending light and digital charge. Ineffable tales of dreams we all once shared filtered through the heart and lungs of a soul-inspired to share and unite through these vibrations chronicled. 

Lightning Hunter’s sound has been compared to bands like Placebo, Silversun Pickups,
The Cure, A Perfect Circle, Interpol, and Soundgarden. Their songs often evolve from multi-instrument orchestrations into guitar and drum-driven alternative rock. If there were a single underlining theme lyrically, they are cathartically motivated by their love for music and the mysteries of the ethereal world that it inhabits. Many of their songs are love songs, with their muse simply being the music itself. This soulful connection to music is apparent in songs like ‘Giving All Things Credence’ where the lyrics in the chorus affirm “I am with you- timeless-abandon”.

For other songs such as ‘Aeolian Prism’ The lyrics “Beyond the fold, space and time.
Awaken gland center mind. Evolve or get left behind.”, is about the enigma of the pineal gland and its mysterious connection with the universe. The song ‘Pleroma’ contemplates the origins of humans while ‘In Atheist Fashion’, reflects on someone who is so reliant on external stimuli that they neglect to look inward.

Currently Lightning Hunter is not touring due to the musician’s commitment to other live
acts. In the future, they hope to create more music and record another collection of songs in the Lightning Hunter vein.

Stream and playlist via Spotify.

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