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Trenched: Doves of War

The alt-indie music faction Trenched has recently in veiled their 16-track masterpiece “Doves of War.” With inspiring lyrics, unusual vocals and exciting compositions “Doves of War” stand above the common.  The album is a journey into supreme visualization and passion. 

I exchanged questions and answers with the group regarding their new album and what inspired it …. 

What inspired “Wild Rides and Alibis?

There is a book called “Wind in the Willows” and it is basically a kid’s book, animals acting like people and what not. So, it seems normal just a froggy and a badger I think walking down a riverbank until up comes Toad in his fancy new car. They have never even seen a car because in the time period they were a new thing, so he gets them to hop right in, mashes the gas and drives his “horseless carriage” full speed through the forest till he full speed wrecks. They are all tumbled out and Mister Toad immediately wants to “do it again I have another one at home.”

That’s how love works, you push the gas, you steer, and you hold on tight with both hands hoping you don’t crash and burn. Even if you do wreck it all you are probably still gonna hop in again for another wild ride because the pain of not trying hurts more than the pain of failing again.

Would you consider “I Am The Beat” a dance track or is there a hidden message?

It wouldn’t very well be hidden if I answered that question now would it? I am of course kidding but while most songs have a message it gets preachy real quick if we go cramming them down people’s throats, so how about it is there if they need it and if they don’t it is a pretty good head bopper tune.

What theme if any does “Doves of War” hold?

It’s twin themes. It’s meant to be pre-dystopian warnings of the literal precipice we are unfortunately stampeding off of… That’s theme one. Theme two is after it all comes crashing down maybe it is a partial record for those looking back to now to see if anyone saw it coming. Spoiler alert, yes, we did. We figure if The world was the titanic then we have already struck the iceberg but the passengers are mostly ignorant of the unpleasantness coming next. So, we would like to audition for the position of the band that plays till the ship sinks and this is some of what we would like to play for you all. I know it seems late to audition for the boat band but since we are still arguing over who should be captain, I feel all positions must still be available.

What genre would you consider your music?

Whatever the fans call it. I’m hoping it will be alt rock w/pop influence but right now the fans mostly call it that shit they haven’t heard of. 

Soooo  INDIE?

What influenced “Doves of War?”

Well the dove traditionally means “peace” and is even a symbol of Christ in Christianity. I figure maybe people are focusing on the positive or glossing over the end of the Book because things like the four horsemen and rivers of blood seem unpeaceful and yet, there is the Great Dude smacking fools with the Sword of Truth to Destroy All Nations. 

So, I’m not sure if that is what doves of war means but it is what it makes me ponder.

Is there a song on the album that you are most proud of and why?

I like the solos on “Step Into The Shadows” and “Quality Time For Two”. I favor the way “Nations Of Runaways” seems like it has started then smashes you. Obviously, Andi is the Queen of Hooks and she doesn’t disappoint on tunes like “I am the Beat” as in the great I AM the Beat or “Step Into The Shadows”. My favorite THING about the album is that I followed no template, no guide, I had the greatest love I have ever known challenging me to take the path no one treads screaming, running full speed, and naked so I went strange places. Only self-produced albums have this level of freedom I guess. I had to learn to play guitar for it and I like that now also.

If the planet ever opens up again will there be a tour to support the album?

I’m pretty sure that so long as there are empty movie theaters with 4k screens we might not even need to wait for the world. How cool would it be to play a live show to the Las Vegas strip on the giant screens they advertise with or even drive ins where we see who can bring the best car speakers while we broadcast from the stage under the screen and port the video up to the theater canvas?

Stranger things have happened.

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro



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