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“Rinse and Repeat” the new single from India’s Suraj Mani

“Rinse and Repeat” the new single from India’s Suraj Mani rises to the occasion. A prime example of a powerful voice behind the words, Mani’s former job as front man for rock band, Motherjane, is evident. What can’t be denied is his talent and commanding force as an artist. The listener is easily swayed to feel what he feels. Writing short, memorable verses and a catchy chorus, “Rinse and Repeat” takes little time piecing together a profound listening experience.


One of the first things you notice in the song is Mani’s vocal presence. He takes the listener on the journey from the get-go and wraps them around his finger. Mani, who sang for Motherjane from 2000-2011, has a calming, soothing nature that is also rooted in the stuff 80s hair metal front men can only dream of achieving. I won’t allow myself to be used, he sings, with a calming and almost hypnotic tenor. Bright when he needs the sun shining through, and fearless when the tone calls for something more strict or strong. His voice osculates and reaches new beams each listen. The chorus is simple: rinse and repeat. He sings with the baggage of years of failed romances, but tags each word with a tail of hope.

An acoustic guitar, part rock and even hints of Flamenco-stylings, drives the emotional cadence. The tone is definitely contemplative and Mani’s towering vocals make way for the listener to dream up a bevy of interpretations. The listener can at times be stuck in the mire, swallowed up by the heart-wrenching attitude. “Rinse and Repeat” calls to mind life in the cog, working day-in-day out and feeling like an unappreciated office worker. We do the same things, and we expect different results. Though Mani limits the song to a few lines and words, the repetition works in his favor. Supposing this song were about an intimate relationship, I think Mani keeps going back to the well with good intentions, but rather, ends up taking two steps forward, only to take two steps backward. He keeps ending up in the same state. Still, the natural empathy in his voice is so engaging and easy to embrace. Truly, it all feels right.


Mani’s path to success is clear. “Rinse and Repeat” has all the makings of a power ballad (think “More Than Words” by Extreme meets folk rock Cat Stevens or even American’s Avett Brothers). The guitar work is bold and complex, but does take second chair to Mani’s vocals. This song proves that the singer/songwriter model should not be abandoned. “Rinse and Repeat” bleeds blues and reds; fire and ice. This song indulges many senses and feelings for the listener – with the height of course being a sense of belonging. Even after his very last breath (a heavy sigh he unearths in the last note), I was left wondering around my feelings and privy to new ones all because of Mani’s vocals. What Indian audiences have already known for decades – Mani is a voice like no other.

Mindy McCall

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