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Kyle Jordan – “Only One” (Single)

Kyle Jordan is making a strong case that he’s carrying the baton from the iconic George Michael. Jordan isn’t quite the same blue-eyed soul singer of yesteryear, but his phenomenal command in fusing together soul and pop is turning heads. His latest offering, “Only One” gets the heart racing and sooths the listener’s soul with his romantic vocals. Fresh and profoundly heartfelt, Jordan’s remarkable rise is just taking shape. This guy is in it for the long haul.

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Jordan, who recently shifted his home base to Nashville, Tenn., takes the listener on a suave sonic journey in “Only One”. A part of me wants to describe the song as if he were all the members of the Backstreet Boys rolled into one, but I don’t want to cheapen his talent for those naysayers that aren’t addicted to pop music royalty. That’s another review and for another time. Jordan’s demeanor is strangely vintage and refreshingly modern. He’s mature sounding, but at the same time, really throws a youthful splendor into the mix. The conviction in his voice, well, that is something even more special.

If could just put pen to paper, he sings, while a drifting, electronic music bed flows underneath. The best that I could do, see I wrote this one for you, Jordan sings. When it comes the words, Jordan continues to sing I felt them in my soul, that’s how I know that you’re the only one. The song bed is rather interesting. At first I found it a bit perplexing because it yielded a darker tone, a mysterious vibe. The more I listened to the song, it gave off some quirky beats (as the squiggles in his previous track “Distance” did too), but the overall meshing and mixing is quite contradictory to the confident way he sings.

There’s an ambient layer happening in the background music and it’s quite unique. He does mention in one line, just hope these words are clear. As a listener, I kept going back and forth and wondering why the music bed was cloaked in a few layers, yet his voice is so confident. It struck me that he’s shy. He really has a vulnerability to his presentation. His essence has this remarkable charm, and maybe that comes from the sensitivity and apprehension in his lyrics. All of these dividing forces make the song that much more interesting and engaging.

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It leans more towards a slow dance of a song, but the bass drum is prominent in “Only One”. Jordan’s musical compass continues to point in the pop/soul area of music, but he’s dabbled in electronica and even 80s New Wave sounds in the past. His previous EP, Lost featured five tracks. Now that he’s based in Music City, time will tell if the country and Americana influences will seep into his music. In the meantime, “Only One” is another outstanding song from one of indie music’s more exciting vocalists to come around in some time. I like what I’m hearing for sure, and I’m confident fans of the pop genre and R&B will too.

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